Monday, September 14, 2009

It's Been A While...

Well we are finally BOTH back in Alaska, after a HECTIC and BUSY 6 months! Sorry it's been a hot minute, the few weeks before the wedding were more hectic and flew by faster than I could have imagined, and even the few weeks AFTER the wedding were busy busy!!! The wedding turned out BEAUTIFUL, we could not have asked for a more memorable, special day. Everything was perfect, and if it wasn't we sure didn't notice! After the wedding we drove down to Port Canaveral, Florida for a 7 day Western Caribbean cruise, one word--FABULOUS! After the honeymoon it was back home for all of the fun stuff--packing, name changing-- getting me entered into the system as Mrs. Ashley Melvin Mozingo :o) My family threw us a 'going away/just married' cookout, which turned out great as well!! Finally, after getting everything done and spending some much needed time with our families, we headed back to Valdez on September 2nd. We arrived in Anchorage that afternoon around 3, did a little shopping, and spent the night in Anchorage. The next day we headed back to Valdez, after a little more shopping of course, and we are finally settled in...FINALLY!! Have I said that enough?

Hopefully now, I will have more time to update the blog! I will try to add some pictures of our honeymoon soon, but for now here are a few of our beautiful day--Enjoy!

Thank you everyone who helped us celebrate our special day, and also thank you to everyone for your love, support and help with this wedding!!