Tuesday, May 25, 2010

2 Months

Paislee Marie, you are 2 months old today! Time is flying by so fast I can't believe it! You weigh 12 lbs. even, and are 23 inches long. You are already wearing size 2 diapers! They are a little big on you, but we like em that way! You are still wearing mostly size 0-3 months clothes, 3-6 months are a little big on you!

You are still eating every 2 hours, but sometimes you will go 3 hours during the day when you have a long nap. You usually wake up around 3 a.m. for a feeding, and then again between 6 and 7. They say that breast feeding babies usually don't sleep through the night until they are sometimes 6 months old!

You still sleep a lot during the day. Most days you nap, wake up to eat and go right back to sleep. You usually come around between 4 and 6, and are awake for most of the night until 10 or 11. I know, I'm bad for letting you stay up so late.

You get a bath every night, usually no later than 7. You LOVE bath time! You're my little water baby! You just sit and relax while I wash you, and we always listen to music, which you love. You prefer the music on my iPod over nursery rhymes and lullabies :o) I downloaded some kids music for you, but you seem to like my country and pop MUCH better!

You will sit in your swing sometimes so I can get things done around the house,  but you like to keep me in your sight! You also like to listen to my music while you sit in your swing! Loud noises don't bother you, in fact, I think you prefer them! You sleep right through the vacuum!

You are getting used to your car seat, so trips to town are getting less painful (for mommy!). We always make sure you are fast asleep before we go to the grocery store though! We keep you in your car seat, and completely covered while we are in the grocery store (trying to keep people germs away from you), but that doesn't stop people from hovering and wanting to see you! The other day a woman came over and said "She is SO FREAKING CUTE!!!!" Daddy and I said "We know" thank you :o)

You are starting to coo a lot and talk to me. I love it! I try to catch you on video, but you seem to be camera shy you little turd! I did catch you last night on camera, with your new found love--your hand in your mouth! You are finally figuring out how to suck on them fingers, you've been trying since the day you were born!

We are having one problem--you sleep with us, and there is no end in sight. I know, I should have never let you in the bed with us, but that's what happens when Mommy is desperate for sleep! Now, you have to be RIGHT on me, probably smelling my morning breath! If I get up, you open your eyes to see what's going on...what am I going to do with you???? I'm afraid Daddy is going to get rid of us if something doesn't change SOON!

You are growing too fast little girl, I wish you would slow down! I don't care what people say, I'm going to hold you all I want, because now I'm realizing that you really won't be like this much longer and I'm going to miss it! We can't wait to get home so we can show you off to your family and our friends!

**I am going to wait on your 2 month pictures since your perfectionist daddy is gone this week and he won't be satisfied with anything short of perfect ;o) We love you very much, more and more every day! I can't wait to see how much (not too much!) you grow this next month, and all of the new things you will learn!


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Friday, May 21, 2010

Can we.....

fast forward through this next week? Jason left us this morning, he will be gone for a week-I am hoping this time is better than last, ha! No, really things around here are getting better everyday. We are all getting used to each other, and how each other operates so we are making it! The only real issue is that Paislee sleeps with us at night, so I am going to try to break that this week while Jason is gone.....don't see that happening but I will TRY! We did buy a neat little mobile to hang in her crib when we finally get it, and she LOVES it. We just have to wait until we get her crib in June because the way it is made it can only be hung in her crib, and I can't sit there and hold it above her all night! I can't wait to get it set up though, she is mesmerized by it!
It's a little pricey, but totally worth it! I will say its worth every penny when it has her sleeping in her crib at night, ha! 

I am still trying to get the word out that I am now selling Scentsy, so bare with me while I do a little bit of advertising :o) The stuff is AWESOME! I am telling you as a FRIEND and not as a salesperson. It smells sooooo good, and works great--it smells up your whole house, car, office, bathroom, whatever you want to make smell good--it gets the job done! It's also great for a house with kids because it is a flameless candle, that warms up and melts in a warmer and the wax is not hot enough to burn little fingers :o) Please check out my website and sign up to receive the monthly newsletter so you can at least be notified when the monthly scents and specials are 'scent' out....hahaha.....Yes, I'm a loser :o) If anyone has any questions about any of the products, PLEASE ask me! 

*Thank you Andrea for signing up for my newsletter, LOVE YOU! :o)  

Little girl is growing fast! She is smiling more and more everyday, and I am expecting a giggle any day now! 
She is still mainly breastfeeding, mainly because she refuses to take a bottle 98% of the time! Here is Jason's first time feeding her last weekend, and only the 3rd time she has taken a bottle!

This is what I caught Jason and Paislee doing when I got out of the shower the other day--poor Paislee!

You can't really tell what her onesie says here but it says : This is my little black dress, and it is TOO cute! Thank you Aunt Jodi for turning my little diva into an even BIGGER diva :o)

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I have never been so thankful for anything in my life as I am for this little booger...

And these smiles...

And those chubby cheeks...

And that sneaky little eye..

Fighting sleep, making sure I don't leave her side...

And those goofy faces....

Isn't she the best? I just LOVE her! She's crazy like her mama!

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Long time, no blog.

Yes, I'm a horrible blogger, I know! I will get better, I promise :o)

I just wanted to let everyone know that I am a brand spanking new SCENTSY consultant! If you've never heard of the stuff, check it out! It's good stuff :o) If you would like to check out my page, here it is. I am still waiting on my starter kit so I can start selling stuff, but if you are interested or have any questions about the stuff please let me know! Just a little thing I am doing on the side to keep me busy (as if I'm not busy enough as it is), and also to bring in a little extra spending money since we will be moving soon, to a place with a MALL and a TARGET! :o) I know money is tight everywhere right now so I understand if no one wants to buy anything, but could you at least visit my website and click 'get my newsletter' so I can keep you informed on the monthly specials? Thanks :o) 

**Monica--still no package :o( I'm starting to wonder if it's lost in the mail? My mom sent a package Monday and we got it today, usually those flat rate boxes come SUPER fast!

**Jodi--time for a chit chat! Let me know when you have time to talk!!!

Still counting down the days till we leave this place and head back to the EAST COAST-woo hooooo! We have been studying the map of the U.S lately and figuring out which route we will be taking back, so far its looking like we will go down through Canada, end up in Montana, and visit Yellowstone, go down through Colorado, Texas, and over through Arkansas, Oklahoma, Tennessee and finally through the fabulous state of NORTH CAROLINA! We are looking to be home around August 4th or 5th and plan on staying until around August 21st, and then heading up to Maine. We obviously won't have MUCH time to spend with our families and friends, so if you would like to see us while we are home let us know so we can figure things out! We want to see as many people as possible, but also don't want to be running around everywhere the whole time we are home, aka--we will probably stay in one or two places for the most part and will let people visit US :o) And hopefully we will find time for a beach trip as well, so be on the lookout for a beached whale on the NC beaches around mid-august ;o) 

I am hoping time will FLY by the next 2 months. Jason leaves for a week on Friday, then we are making a trip up to Anchorage at the beginning of June for a Dr.'s appointment for Jason's back, and to pick up nursery furniture. By then it will be mid-June and we have to start packing this tiny apartment up, and before we know it, it will be July and Jason will be leaving for a week to go to a school in Seattle, and THEN we will be leaving a week after he graduates from that school---WOOOOOO HOOOOO!! I cannot type enough 'O's' to express how EXCITED I am :o) 

Sorry for the boring post, I will try to get better :o) Hope all of you blog folks are doing great, and all of you Nashville gals are recovering from the flooding--I hope everything is on its way back to normal by the time we make our way through your beautiful city in July--can't wait to see NASHVILLE :o)  


Monday, May 10, 2010

1 Month Pictures



Sunday, May 9, 2010

Cinnamon Rolls

Look out Paula Deen! I think I found someone with recipes that are more fattening than yours! Last night I made Pioneer Womans cinnamon rolls and I must say I am pretty proud of myself! Me and flour do NOT get along, I do not bake so the fact that these turned out is a pure miracle....

It's a pretty horrendous process but the recipe makes 50 cinnamon rolls that you can freeze and reheat later! I haven't tasted them yet but they smell super delicious! I did taste the icing and it tastes a little too maple-y/coffee-y for me, but Jason thought it was delicious ( he's into that sorta thing)! Wish we could deliver them to our mamas this morning! Happy Mothers Day to my mama and my mama in law!! We love ya'll!

I just tried one of the cinnamon rolls and sadly, I'm a little disappointed--sorry Pioneer Woman, next time I will save a million hours, 9 cups of flour and lots of my patience and just buy the canned ones-- which are much more tasty in my opinion! They are good, don't get me wrong, just not worth the time it takes to make them.

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Friday, May 7, 2010

Cruisin' with Daddy

Today Paislee and I got to go to work with Jason and see what he does everyday! The Captain of his boat invited all of the families onboard to go on a family cruise. We left at 3 p.m. and cruised until 8 p.m., and even had a cookout onboard for supper--hot dogs, hamburgers, sides and desserts--YUM! It was a little hectic with a 6 week old, and I realized even more today (as if I haven't realized it every single day since the day she was born) that my life will never be the same. It will always revolve around her and her needs, and I will have to make lots and lots of sacrifices for the next 18+ years! I'm going to need back (and knee, and hip, and butt, and leg and arm) surgery before too long! Little Miss is still in her 'wanting to be held all the time' phase, and couldn't be put down the whole time. She started out a perfect little angel, and slept for the first hour. She woke up around 4 to be fed, and since dinner was supposed to be at 5:30, I decided to go ahead and feed her again at 5 so maybe, just MAYBE I could eat in peace for a change. NOT. My mama warned me after Paislee was born that she would want to eat anytime I got ready to eat--and that has proven to be true so far. I have NEVER given up food for anyone, until now. I don't know how Mama's gain weight, I barely have time to eat! Anyways, the whole feeding her at 5 didn't work out the way I had planned, she still fussed the whole time we ate, so Jason and I both ended up shoveling our food down our throats as fast as we could so we could get her somewhere and feed her and get her quiet. I spent the rest of the cruise in Jason's boss's stateroom feeding her since it was fussy time from there on out. We did manage to get a few pictures though! Enjoy! 


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Strawberry Shortcake Cake

Okay, I don't know if you guys have heard of Pioneer Woman, I'm sure most of you have because I have heard you talk about her or her recipes, and you all know that they are super yummy if you have tried them. I ordered her cook book last week as a late Birthday present and got it and I seriously LOVE this cook book, I want to cook almost everything in it! I found a recipe for a Strawberry Shortcake Cake on her blog the other day and had to try it--even though I cannot bake to save my life.

Seriously ya'll, MAKE THIS CAKE. It is DIVINE. HEAVEN ON A PLATE. DELICIOUS. I cannot express with words how YUM this cake is, you just have to trust me and make it TODAY. And let me know what you think, even though I already know what you are going to think, I want to hear what kind of words you can come up with to describe it. Don't waste anymore time reading this, go out, get the ingredients (most of which you probably already have in your cabinets or fridge) and make it. Here is the   recipe. Now go!


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cute Stuff

The gifts are getting cuter and cuter!

Last week was a great week! If you didn't know, there is no shopping to be done in this town. So my guilty pleasure is Internet shopping and packages. That daily trip to the post office just makes my day, or ruins it if we miss a day! Last week we got lots of good stuff!

Jason's sister sent Paislee a bathing suit and cover up for this summer, and also a SUPER CUTE diaper bag! THANK YOU Aunt Amber, we LOVE it!

We also got a package from one of my sorority sisters, Berrin--who is IMPOSSIBLE to reach if you don't have her phone number! Berrin DOES read my blog though and I just want her to know that WE LOVE the outfit that she sent for Miss Paislee, it is my absolute FAVORITE outfit hanging in Paislee's HUGE, jam packed closet. Even Jason loves it, we have been looking for the perfect little 'sailor' outfit and you found it! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! This picture does it no justice, thanks to my killer photography skills:
I cannot WAIT to put her in it and take a picture of her and her Daddy on his boat :o)

Yesterday we started tummy time with Paislee. She seemed to L-O-V-E it (man, that word appears a lot in this blog post!). She is looking more and more like her Mama everyday, I can't wait to get lots of my baby pictures and post them, it is CRAZY how much she looks like I did when I was a baby. Funny thing is, I didn't think I was that cute as a baby--until now :o)


Paislee LOVES bathtime here lately. She just chillaxes, and kicks back and lounges in her little bath tub. It's the cutest thing. I try to give her a bath before bed every night, although it doesn't happen every night I have good intentions, I promise! Jason and I are finally getting things figured out with bath time--put the towel in the dryer so its warm when she gets out, wash her hair last so she isn't cold through her whole bath, pour warm water on her all through her bath, massage her with baby oil, etc.... I think it really relaxes her and gets her nice and ready for bed :o)

Lately, she has been adopting MY sleeping habits from when I was pregnant. For the past 2 nights she hasn't gone to sleep until after midnight, and sleeps until the early morning, and then I put her in the bed and snuggle with her and she goes BACK to sleep until about 10 or 11--it's NICE! 

She sleeps most of the day, and is awake most of the evening from about 5 until bedtime, with a few short naps in between. So in case you were wondering, HOW is she finding the time to write this long blog post with all of these pictures?? Here's how:
She is fast asleep in her swing as I type this :o)

We have made a lot of progress since last week when I couldn't put her down! Still, I'm sure a few months from now I would give anything for her to want me to hold her all day, everyday, so I am still going to take advantage of that for as long as I can, it won't be like this for long!

Off to work on the baby book and write 'thank you' cards. Hope everyone is having a great week so far! The snow is almost all melted and it is 55 degrees outside today!

Please keep all of the people in Tennessee in your thoughts and prayers. I follow a lot of blogs of girls from Nashville, and to see what that town is going through right now is horrifying and makes me want to cry. Please take a minute when you read this and say a prayer for them, they truly need it right now! 


Monday, May 3, 2010

It's a beautiful day in Valdez

Getting our Vitamin D on.... :0)

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