Saturday, December 25, 2010

9 Months

Paislee, you are 9 months old today and oh yeah, MERRY 1st CHRISTMAS! Your 8 month birthday fell on Thanksgiving, and your 9 month birthday falls on Christmas--how fun is that?!? :)

Oh my goodness girl, you have changed SO MUCH this month! You are ALL OVER THE PLACE! You are constantly on the go, I have to keep a close and constant watch over you, and can't get anything done! You have become a really good and fast crawler, and you like to pull up on everything that you can. You fall a lot--and hit your head quite often too. I hate it--you hitting your head so much, but I can't stop you from standing up all the time, and I would feel bad trying to make you since that's how you learn, so I just try my best to catch you when you fall. You are also my personal little human vacuum cleaner! You pick up anything you can find and it goes right to your mouth. You have even started 'pretending' to pick things up and eat them, I guess to get a reaction out of me. Little turd. Wish you were that good at eating things I actually GIVE you to eat. We still aren't having much luck with that. We completely gave up on baby food, and are now giving you diced vegetables, mainly carrots and green beans, and some cooked apples. You also snack on 'puff puffs'--veggie dip flavor, and cheerios. You love snacks the best, you really don't care for food.

Your bedtime has changed, and not because I wanted it too. You have decided that you would rather go to bed between 10-12 instead of 7-9. The good part about that is that you sleep until after 9 most mornings. The bad part is that I am usually ready for bed before you are!

You are starting to make me wish I had been nicer as a little girl, I think I am getting payback for my brattiness now ;) You have got a STRONG personality, little girl. You have the attitude of a 16 year old, and you are stubborn and strong willed! I told your daddy that we wouldn't have anything to worry about when we get older because you will be a lawyer and will be able to take good care of us :)

You can stop growing so fast any day now. Before we know it, you will be doing everything on your own, and won't want mine or daddy's help for anything. Like I said, slow down :) We love you sweet girl. Merry Christmas and Happy 9 Month Birthday!