Friday, February 25, 2011

11 Months

You are 11 months old today, Paislee. That means in one short month I will be the owner of a TODDLER!  I can't believe how fast this year has gone by, sweet baby girl. It makes me so sad that you are getting so big, but so glad that you are healthy and beautiful and sweet as can be!

You are on your last box of size 3 diapers, they are not fitting so well anymore :( You are growing much faster than I anticipated and I am worried that all of the summer clothes I have bought you are not going to fit you by the time summer rolls around. If we lived in NC where summer comes sooner--they would. Maybe we should spend the summer in NC? :) You are wearing size 12m and 18m clothes right now, and your shoe size is a 4.

Since my last monthly update you have gone from taking zero steps to WALKING ALL OVER THE PLACE! You took your first steps on January 28th, 3 days after you turned 10 months old, and you were walking all over the place by Valentine's Day. Crawling will soon be a memory, as your primary way of getting around is walking, you only crawl when you can't fit into tight spaces ;)

You are such a talker! Let's see if I can remember all of the words you are saying: Hey, Bye Bye, MaMa, DaDa, MeMe, Kitty, Meow, Baby, Ball, Banana (Nana), Mooooooooo! (Cow), Wow!, Bubbles, Dog, Duck, Bath.....I think that's it? You are getting to the point where you can repeat almost anything we say--you little Parrot! My mom says this is payback because I was a big talker and told everything to everyone when I was little, but I like it :)

You still aren't a great eater, but you are getting better! We discovered that you LOVE macaroni and cheese and for a few days you ate it up, then you realized how to suck the cheese off the noodles and spit the noodles out. Ugh! You still eat your vegetables pretty good, but not great.

In the beginning of February you went to the grocery store with me and daddy and daddy showed you the bananas. By the time we left all you could say was "Nana! Nana!". You kept saying it after we got home so the next time I went to the store I got you some Nana's to see if you would eat them. Of course you wouldn't but you did carry it around with you alllll day long until it was brown and mushy! Finally I threw it away when you weren't looking, but I felt terrible because every time we walked through the kitchen you looked for it and ask for it. So, I went to Walmart and bought you a plastic Nana. You were SO happy and carried it around for days. You don't carry it around with you as much now, but you still ask for it and point it out when you see it.

Your fake banana....

Your real banana :)

Your sleep schedule is pretty dependable, but you aren't sleeping as well as I would like. You nap 2 times a day, morning and late afternoon, and you are usually ready for bed by 10, which is fine with me. You aren't sleeping well at night though. And I know this because, YES, you are still sleeping with us. Well me, because daddy has been away a lot this month with work. You wake up all through the night and sit up and start talking then you fall back down because you are SO tired. HA! It is pretty funny but not when I am trying to sleep :) You are usually awake by 7:30 most mornings, but SOMETIMES you let me sleep till' 8 or so ;) I am being told by numerous people that I HAVE to get you into your crib. Daddy really isn't pushing it much, although I know he wants to have his space at night, but he knows it is hard for me. You keep me company when he is gone, and I like having you in my bed because I know you are safe. Hopefully soon though I can get tough and get you in your crib :( :).

You are into EVERYTHING and you get SO mad when I pull you away from something you are not supposed to be into. You're goal every day is to get into the laundry room, where the cat food and litter box is. I close the door when I see you head that way and you throw a FIT! You also love to go into cabinets and have recently started gaining interest in the toilet. Daddy caught you about a second before you stuck your hands in the toilet a few weeks ago :) You like to play with electrical outlets that are being used and you like to push your luck and see how far we will let you stick your hands in the trash can, too. While you are doing these things you are saying "No no!". It's so hard to get on someone SO cute but tough love is best, baby!

We love you so much and are savoring these last moments with you as our 'baby' girl! Although you will soon be 'Miss Independent' you will always be my baby girl--no matter how old you get! Happy 11 Month Birthday, sweet baby girl!


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pretty Girl

Here are a few photos I snapped for Paislee's birthday invitations. I have a few more that I like but I don't know which ones I want to use yet, so some of you might be seeing these again ;)


Monday, February 14, 2011

Paislee's 1st Valentine's Day

I know, I haven't done this for any other holiday and I pick the most important (not) to post a blog like this. Oh well, this is the first V-day I have spent with Jason since....oh I dunno....ever? So I'm feeling a little mushy even though I normally hate this holiday. Plus, he got me an edible arrangement--something I have wanted for oh....forever!!

Happy Valentine's / Single's Awareness Day!

Absolutely LOVE this face. Isn't it the cutest?

Really getting into photo editing....kinda want to start my own photography business....I know, big dreams :)

XOXO--especially today!