Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thoughtful/Thankful Thursday

Just when I was running out of things to blog about, and was about to torture ya'll with another recipe blog--I saw Jodi and Kira's posts for today and decided to do something in between what they did. Kind of on the same line as Jodi's random thoughts for Thursday, but also similar to Kira's thankful Thursday post.

I'm calling this post Thoughtful/Thankful Thursday because I am putting a lot of thought into it, ha, and because these are things I am thankful for--but also things that I love, love, LOVEEEE :o) I was going to call them 'natural highs' and then I started thinking--"what exactly is a natural high??" and after thinking for about a minute--a little longer than I wanted to think about it, I decided to play it safe and just call these things:

Things that make me happy:

Hawaiian Shaved Ice. Man Oh Man. This is my favorite summertime treat, and I could eat it all day, everyday--and not just in the summertime. There are a few stands in Goldsboro, and one in Kinston and Smithfield that I know of. I have seen other stands 'claiming' to be Hawaiian Shaved Ice--but none of them compare to these places. Hawaiian Shaved Ice should be the consistency of all of this snow we get and ya'll have been getting. It should be fine and soft--not chunky and crunchy like a snow cone. You shouldn't have to chew it. Jason even looked into surprising me before I moved up here, because he knew it would make me so happy-come to find out, a good shaved ice machine will cost ya around $1,000. Guess we will have to wait till we get rich...

My niece and nephew make me oh so happy :o) I love them so much and if it's any clue as to how much I am going to love Paislee--well lets just say she is going to be a lucky girl. Yes, I miss my family very much--but these kiddos are the ones that really get me. Maybe it's because they are young and I worry that they won't remember me, or don't understand why I'm not around anymore? I know Weston isn't worried about me, he knows I am living with Santa helping him and the elves make toys for Christmas ;o)
And Kensley still remembers me, so far. My mom will ask her "where's Ashley?" and she will point to my picture on the fridge, or say "mone, mone" and take her back to my room. So at least she knows where I'm SUPPOSED to be :o) I can't wait to take her home her very own, real, live babydoll this summer. She is going to be so happy...or at least we hope so :o)
Ahhhhhh! The beach. My heaven. I LOVE the beach with a passion. I could lay on the beach all day, everyday--eating my Hawaiian Shaved Ice--and it would never get old. I love everything about the beach. The HEAT. The sand, the water, the tan, the people watching, dog watching, boat watching. I love everything about it. There is not much that makes me happier than I am when I am sitting on the beach, wind blowing in my hair, listening to the waves. Sadly, I think my bikini days are over :o( While we are on the subject, another thing that makes me happy is the smell of tanning oil or sunscreen--go figure, it reminds me of the beach.
RED HOT DOGS! All of you folks that haven't had the pleasure of eating a red hot dog--you need to get your booties down to eastern NC and get you a red hot dog. YUM.
Okay, enough with the pictures, they're taking up lots of space--even though they are fun :o)

--I LOOOOOOOVE (there aren't enough 'O's in the world to describe how much I LOVE) to have my back scratched or my hair played with. I'm like a cat--I just like to be touched. Tuck my tag in, and I'm like "Ooh, do it again!" ha! When I lived on the Sigma floor I would give up my seat on the couch to ANYONE who wanted to sit there--as long as I could sit on the floor in front of them and have them play with my hair. I even began to learn WHO I could sit in front of and have them play with my hair without even having to ask--Erin Collins and Berrin were GREAT for it :o) I guess they just couldn't resist a head full of hair in front of them ;o)

--I love getting a good night's sleep. I know, those days are gone-but I can still love them! And if I had it my way, I would stay up till about 4 am every morning, and then sleep till noon. Does that make me a bad person?

--I love feeling baby kicks, and especially hiccups. It makes me laugh because I know how annoying hiccups can be, and I picture her in there, SO irritated, hiccupping away :o) Makes me laugh everytime!

--I love my sweet husband and how I got SO lucky finding him. We have the perfect love story and couldn't have found each other at a better time. I love how he always wants to kiss me, and always says that I'm beautiful--even when I know I look like CRAP. I love how he hoots and hollers when I walk around in my underwear--even now that I have cottage cheese thighs and stretch marks :o) And even though it gets on my nerves, I have to admit--every girl needs to hear that every once in a while--I hear it everyday, haha. I love how he would do anything for me, and how he spoils me and treats me like a princess, and I love how he is my best friend in the world and I could tell him anything and he wouldn't think bad of me or judge me for it<3

WOW, okay maybe this post could continue another day? Don't want anyone who is sitting here reading this to have to sit through anymore--I'll have to start paying ya'll haha. Obviously I LOVE a lot of things, and a lot of things make me happy :o) Most of them being back on the East Coast--like my family, friends and the foods that I LOOOVE :o) Ya'll get the picture!

Maybe this post should have been titled 'Talk-a-lot Thursday' :o)

Hope everyone has had a great day--it's almost the weekend!


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

No News is Good News...I guess?

I had my weekly checkup yesterday, and I really don't have anything exciting to share :o(
I don't know why I thought my Dr. would check for dilation or effacement, seeing she hasn't done a single pelvic exam in the last eight months. She did say that Paislee is head down, which is good. I guess at this point no news is good news, and as long as me and baby are happy and healthy, that's all that matters. I hate to think that it could be another 6 weeks before I could see her, and I am HOPING that she will come AT LEAST by her due date--March 22nd--but at LEAST I am not suffering from heartburn anymore, and I'm not TOO miserable YET. But that could all change tomorrow ;o).

She did go over my options for pain management, which I found very shocking but I guess she wanted to be on the same page when the time comes. Guess what I found out? All this time I have been hearing that you CANNOT have an epidural if you give birth here in Valdez, because there is no one here that can do them. I have even heard stories about people having C-sections here in town and how they had to have an anesthesiologist FLOWN in to do their epidurals. Come to find out, Dr. Todd can do epidurals. Evidently, they do not LIKE to do epidurals here. She said people do really well here without them. Well that's just GRREAT. But I would like to have the OPTION for one if I decide that I want one. Still don't think it will happen, because they just don't like giving epidurals here. Anyways, don't mean to sound like a big baby, just wanted to share that little bit of information that has been withheld from me for the past 8 months. I have had a few friends give birth here in Valdez, and they have had nothing bad to say about their experiences, so I trust that mine will go just as smooth :o)

A little product promotion here on this lovely Wednesday afternoon for all of you tea drinkers. I have never been a tea drinker myself, and neither has my mom, so we never really made much tea in our house. When we DID, we just put a pot of water on the stove and threw the tea bags in and let it boil, yadda yadda ya--it was a pain in the butt. After I moved up here with Jason, one night he requested tea and pulled out this crazy 'tea making gadget' for me to use. I thought he was crazy for owning such a thing--why pay money for something like that, when making tea requires ONE POT?

Why? Because it is just so much easier, and not such a pain in the butt. You don't have to stand there and watch the pot to make sure it doesn't boil over, or the tea bag strings don't catch on fire. What you CAN do is fill the maker with water to the line, put the tea bags in and stick the pitcher in its place. Then you can go on and do what you were doing and come back to the tea when you get a chance--no watching it, it powers off when it's finished and it doesn't boil over. I even converted my mom to a 'user' while I was home over the summer :o) Give it a try if you have $20 to spare and make tea on a regular basis!

Okay, I think I've blabbed too much--maybe I should start doing "Wordless Wednesdays"??? haha...


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

We Love Grandmas!

Sesi is such a dog! As soon as you get up in the morning she is at your feet wanting attention :o)
It's been an exciting week of packages! Last Friday we received a big package from my mama, full of all sorts of things--bassinet sheets, baby spoons, bibs, clothes, baby wipes, maternity (fat) clothes, etc. She also sent another blanket she made for Paislee! This one is white with little sparkly things in it, with pink fuzz on the ends--isn't it precious?
Then yesterday we received a baby swing from Jason's Mama. Jason came home from work and put it together and I love love love it! The picture is a little blurry, but it's a cradle swing that can swing from side to side or front to back, and has a little canopy around it because you can turn on the projector and it shines stars on the canopy--so neat! It also has an adapter so you can plug it into the wall rather than use batteries, which can be such a pain! Thank you Mama T, we love it, and Paislee will too! Oh yeah, can you see someone hanging out underneath it??? Daddy has already had to set Sesi girl straight and let her know that she is NOT allowed in the swing--so she sits underneath it instead--such a good kitty!
Remember this little outfit I showed ya'll a while back? Well it wasn't THIS outfit, but it was pretty similar. This was also in the package my mama sent, a Christmas outfit from my sister that I just LOVE! I can't WAIT for Christmas so we can dress Paislee up--and by then she will probably be crawling around everywhere, wearing the knees out of these pants! Oh well, she will be such a little cutie :O)
Well I'm off for the day to work on homework--BLUGH. We have a doctor's appointment this afternoon-maybe she will check and see if we are progressing any towards having a BABY!!!

Happy Tuesday!


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Happy 25th Birthday Jason!!

Since today is my wonderful husbands 25th Birthday, I wanted to dedicate a post to some hilarious birthday cards that I found last night while browsing the Internet. If you're easily offended--don't read this post. If you continue to read and are offended by anything posted--don't say I didn't warn you :o)

Okay, so I didn't find as many as I thought I had. Anyways, Happy Birthday Jason! I love you so much!

Nothing exciting to say.

I'm sitting here 'watching' the Olympics--the USA vs. Canada hockey game--with Jason, and realized how lucky I am to be in Alaska, where his favorite teams are not shown on tv here :o) One of the ONLY things I will miss about this place, ha!

We've had a pretty boring and laid-back weekend, just how I like em these days. Yesterday we went to town to do a little browsing and went to the grocery store, had dinner at Subway--after our trip to town I was too worn out to cook, haha. We came home and caught up on all of our DVR'd shows and did the belly cast. It was fun--I guess. If you call sitting around naked having nasty gooey strips plastered to you, fun. No really, it wasn't THAT bad, just tiring having to stand in one position for 30 minutes, with your feet swelling bigger and bigger by the minute.

Today I got on the webcam to talk to my sister and brother-in-law and my sweet niece and nephew--or should I say my sweet nephew and my mean niece?? :o) I guess the mirrors around this house have been playing tricks on me, because I didn't realize how FAT my face has gotten. I am offically SCARRED and have came to the realization that I look like this:

It is safe to say I am a fat heffer and probably will not be showing my face again until this baby is O-U-T and this baby weight is G-O-N-E.

Good news is, tomorrow starts my NINTH MONTH, YAY!!!! Hopefully less than a month before Paislee is here :o) Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Pregnancy can be fun afterall...

If you have a sweet husband :0)
I woke up a few mornings ago to this above the kitchen sink:

Isn't he the sweetest? We did the belly cast tonight, pictures coming within the next few days!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! We are enjoying some warm (40 degree) weather here in Valdez :0)

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Thursday, February 18, 2010


I have been heartburn FREE since Tuesday night! Whoo HOO!!!! The doctor prescribed me Nexium and something else she described as "Maalox with glue", I'm not sure which one to give the credit to since she said the Nexium would take a few days to start working but either way--I'm a HAPPY girl! Tuesday night I slept for TWELVE hours! And it was the best sleep I have had in months! Last night was not as good as Tuesday, because the aches and pains of carrying around an extra 35 pounds or so is starting to take its toll on me, as expected, but as long as I don't have heartburn--I am HAPPY!

I told ya'll we were going to go to a childbirth class Tuesday night, and we did--but sadly it was the last of 6 classes :o( We still sat in and got a lot of information, and the instructor said we could meet with her and she would go over more if we want. This last class was designated to go over what to expect when you go into labor and the different stages of labor, how to breath through contractions, how to push, etc., so that was what we needed information on anyways! She was trying to sugar-coat everything since Jason was the only male in the class, finally I told her to tell it like it is--he is used to it--living with me he gets to see and hear everything with no censors, ha! Jason DID want to know if he was going to be able to "get down there and help with anything" while I was in labor and what do you know, MY doctor is 'all for letting dad help out as much as possible'! Looks like I'm going to need someone else in the room, since my husband will be (trying to) deliver the baby!!! Aggggh!

Last night, Jason and I went to the local high school pool for some "exercise"...if that's what you want to call it, ha! I got in the baby pool, which was SO warm and relaxing, and felt SO good since it felt like it took all of the extra weight off of me :o) Jason DID get in the big pool and swam a few laps, I'll give him the credit he deserves! After we left the pool, I started feeling TERRIBLE, like I had all of a sudden came down with the flu--my whole body, down to my fingers was SO ACHY! I think Jason was scared we were going to have a baby last night, ha! But I am feeling much better today. I did realize though that we could have this baby any day now, so with that being said--I'm going to start washing PAISLEE clothes today! Yay! Let's hope I don't shrink anything, since she's going to be a little porker :o)

Can ya'll believe it's already Thursday???? Where has the week gone?? I have a feeling now that Jason is home, the weeks will keep flying by and Paislee will be here before we know it! Are we ready for this parenthood thing?? Aggghhhh! Ready or not, it's COMING!


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Still No Jason :o(

Last night when it came time to go pick up Jason from the airport he was still in Anchorage. His flight was delayed a couple of times and eventually cancelled due to weather conditions. So,we are hoping for good news and better weather this morning, and he will hopefully be arriving here in Valdez around 8:30--FINGERS CROSSED!

I've been wondering for the past couple of months, HOW am I going to go from sleeping 'till noon, to being up at 2 and 4 and 6 in the morning for feedings, diaper changes and a crying baby? I have since then learned that the good Lord has a way of preparing you for motherhood, and it's not pleasant at all. I hate to keep complaining...well actually I don't because I have been through this whole pregnancy with very few complaints. AND I have been refraining from complaining as much on Facebook, SO since this is MY blog--I can complain if I want!! THIS HEARTBURN IS DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!! Between the past 2 nights, I have had a total of MAYBE 5 hours of sleep. I am FED UP, and think that if it weren't for the heartburn, I would be able to get a good night's rest-which I need right now since in about a month that will be taken away from me. So today I am going to the doctor and DEMANDING that she prescribe me something that will work. I have been complaining for 2 months to her and I am tired of hearing 'Tums, Zantac, Maalox, Mylanta, Gavescon,etc.'. This over the counter crap isn't cutting it, and when it gets to the point when I can't eat OR sleep--I'm not a happy girl. So hopefully soon I will be more pleasant and you all can quit hearing me complain about heartburn every single day.

Jason and I have been looking into taking a childbirth class at the hospital here in Valdez, so we are also going to talk to the lady in charge of those today. I heard a little rumor that there is actually one tonight so...SURPRISE Jason--guess what we're doing tonight? I mean, I think I can make it through without a childbirth class, and I think we have the ability to take care of a child without taking a class, but what could it hurt? I think it will be fun and will serve as some good bonding time for Jason and I :o) I'll keep ya'll updated and who knows? Maybe I can teach ya'll something :o)

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday! Mine will be fabulous if my husband actually makes it HOME today, as planned! Is it just me, or are the weeks FLYING by?


Monday, February 15, 2010

Ya'll I am SO sad...

Well I have found my calling in life--ANYTHING but baking! Ha! Today I attempted to make Jason a Hoho cake like his mama makes because he loves them and I wanted to surprise him with something special. Well SURPRISE!!! Your wife cannot bake to SAVE HER LIFE. Well, I guess it's not really the baking part that I have a hard time with, it's AFTER it comes out of the oven--then it's all downhill. It actually looks MUCH better than my cakes usually turn out, the only problem is--I'm scared that if I touch will fall over. We'll see!! 2 hours until I see my HUBBYYYYY!!!! YAY!

It's the thought that counts...right??

Time flies when you're having fun!

I can't believe it has already been six months since Jason & I got married! It has FLOWN by! Everyone warned us that marriage is hard work and I definitely believe them, but so far--it's been a breeze! I guess that's what you get when you marry not only the best man in the whole wide world, but your best friend too. I have no clue how I got so lucky to get stuck with HIM for the rest of my life, I guess the good Lord decided I had been through enough crappy guys, and that it was time to send me a good one! I also think my dad was sitting up there with him helping him pick out the perfect guy for me...but that's just what I think, who knows? However it happened, I am SO thankful and could not be happier and only hope that I make him as happy as he makes me :o)Happy half-a-year anniversary Boo Boo!!! I love you so much and can't wait to spend many, many more with you!!!

Remember I was telling ya'll about the belly cast? Well I found some pictures online of some finished ones that I wanted to show ya'll, in case you haven't seen them before. I think they are SO neat, and would like to paint one to match Paislee's nursery and maybe hang in there. Would that be weird?

Well, I'm off to take a shower and head to the grocery store! Lots to do today!
12 more hours and Jason will be getting off of that plane! Please everyone pray for his safe arrival!

Happy Monday!
35 weeks down, 2-7 to go!!!


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Fine, I'll do a Valentine's Day Post

I've been on Facebook throughout the day, reading people's status's and hearing about everything special they got for Valentine's Day and yadda yadda ya. I didn't do anything special today. I was up all night with horrific heartburn, and didn't sleep until about 8:30 this morning--so needless to say, I slept most of the day, got up, ate, did homework, laundry, dishes, ate again, and now I'm blogging :o) I'm to the point now where I am scared to lay down at night for the fear of the heartburn coming back, so I will probably stay up tonight and clean and get things ready for Jason to come home to. That way I will be tired tomorrow night when he is ready to go to bed, and I can go to bed too instead of staying up all night like I have been doing for the past 3 weeks.

Tomorrow IS a special day for Jason and I, and although I'm not too sure he remembers it, he HAS requested homemade vegetable soup for when he gets home. SO, I'm making homemade vegetable soup and also surprising him with one of his favorites that his mom makes--a Hoho cake! I'll let ya'll know how that goes--should be interesting since I can't bake worth a flip!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone--to all who celebrated it, I hope it was great! I took a picture for you guys today, just to show you what I spent my day doing ;o)

I'll surely have heartburn tonight from all of that chocolate, ha!


Surprise, surprise!

3:30 in the morning and look what I'm doing...

Will the madness ever end???

Happy Valentine's Day--Valentine's schmalentines!


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Friday, February 12, 2010

Tutu's, chocolate and belly casts...

Another week down--Thank You Jesus!!!

It's been a rough one. This pregnancy thing is starting to take a toll on me...and I still have another month!!! Come on Paislee!!! Heartburn is miserable and keeping me up all night, everynight. As if I don't need all the sleep I can get at this point. I have tried everything from Tums and Zantac to apples, almonds and vinegar. The Zantac worked in the beginning, and the vinegar worked for a couple of nights, but now--NOTHING. I am convinced that no matter what I eat, this heartburn will be here until Paislee takes its place. Boo! Also, my belly is growing every day and my clothes are not. I'm down to about 2 shirts that completely cover my belly, and they are down to their last wear as well. It's pretty stressful not being able to just go to the store and by a new shirt--I'll have to start wrapping myself in a sheet when I go somewhere!

Did any one watch the 'Kendra' baby special on E! ? She bought this belly cast kit, and made a mold out of her big pregnant belly. After seeing that, Jason and I decided WE want to do that. It will be neat to be able to look back at how HUGE I got, and to one day show Paislee where she spent the first 9 months of her existance :o) So I ordered one,and it came yesterday. Now I can't wait to do it! Question is--when should we do it? I don't want to do it too soon, because I want to do it when I am humungo...but I don't want to put it off till the last minute and forget about it or even worse, have to do it AFTER I go in labor. We will probably wait until the first week of March, since Jason is convinced that she will be here the 2nd week of March--let's hope he is right, wouldn't that be nice??

I've spent my week doing schoolwork, sleeping, eating and making tutus! We bought lots and lots of tulle while we were in Anchorage,and I have managed to go through it all, with 8 tutus to show for it--I can't wait for her to get here so we can have lots of photoshoots!

Here are a few that I have made

I know everyone is excited about Valentine's Day coming up-everyone except us! I'm not a big fan of Valentine's Day, which comes from spending SO MANY Valentine's Days in the past being MISERABLE because I didn't have a date or I was dating a jerk that didn't know what he was supposed to do on that day, ha! So from the beginning, Jason and I decided that we would not do gifts on Valentine's Day because I would rather us show our love every day of the year, and not just one designated day. Aren't unexpected flowers SO much better than getting flowers on Valentine's Day? I think so! Also, Jason will not be here this Valentine's Day, so easy enough-we will not be celebrating it :o) I'm sure that will change next year when Paislee is here--as will all of our other holidays! I will probably cook a nice meal and maybe even attempt to bake a cake for Jason on Monday night when he gets home :o)

We DID get a box of chocolates and a teddy bear from Jason's Mama this week, and although I don't even need to look at the chocolates, I LOVE the box they came in!

Paislee!!!! Thank you Mama T!!!

Well, off to make Jodi's bean dip! The boat wives are getting together tonight for some good food and gossip ;o)

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

2 more days until Jason is HOME!


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Just so I can say I blogged today....

Well Jodi, looks like we should be able to put the "Baby's 1st Easter" bib you sent Paislee to use!

I had a doctor's appointment today, everything looked pretty good. I tried to get an estimate out of the doctor or a round-a-bout time to maybe expect a baby--all she would say was "If she isn't here by April Fool's day, we will induce".... :o( Come sooner Paislee!!!!!

Not much to say today, not feeling too well--looking forward to American Idol and then early to bed to catch up on some SLEEP!

I noticed my pregnancy ticker at the top of the blog--it says something about how my pelvis is preventing me from dancing to Britney-ha! For those of you who don't know--I LOVE Britney Spears--and I'm still dancing too--mainly just in the shower though, so no one can see :o)

Happy Tuesday!!! Which means it's almost Wednesday which means we are halfway through the week, which means it's almost the weekend and almost time for Jason to be HOME!!! Hey, it gets me through the week to break it down that way :o)


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Superbowl Sunday

I don't really care for sports except for the occasional college basketball game, and honestly, I usually pick the team that I am pulling for by deciding which team has the hottest guys :o) Like tonight--I was pulling for the Colts to win the Superbowl. Not because I dislike the Saints, but because Kendra Wilkinson's husband plays for the Colts and he seems like a nice guy from what I have seen on their show--HA! So, needless to say I was most excited about eating good food all day--and maybe catching a few funny commercials. A couple that Jason and I are friends with had some people over to watch the Superbowl and to play games so I went over there for a while and hung out. Everyone brought appetizers over and I made my famous Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip. For some people it's too spicy but the men LOVE it, and some have even sworn that I put crack in it ;o)

Give it a try if you ever cook for a group of men or if you are like me and adore spicy foods :o)

4-5 boneless chicken breast
1 bottle of Franks Red Hot Wing Sauce--or your preferred wing sauce
8 oz. Cream Cheese
2 c. Shredded Cheddar Cheese

-Boil the chicken breasts until they are fully cooked. Pull apart or cut into tiny pieces.
-Mix the whole block of cream cheese with the whole bottle of hot sauce. I put the cream cheese in a bowl and microwave it in 30 second intervals until its melted--it mixes easier this way and doesn't come out chunky.
-After your cream cheese and hot sauce are mixed together, add the chicken and pour into an 8x8 casserole dish.
- Bake @ 350 for 20 minutes.
-Top with shredded cheese and bake for 10 more minutes. Serve with tortilla chips.

This is what your dip should look like before you put it in the oven to bake. Be careful not to make it too thick!

Happy Cooking!

2 weeks down, 1 to go until Jason is home!
34 weeks down, 6 or less (or more) until Paislee is here!

P.S. Can I just say, I have the SWEETEST husband ever! While they are gone, Jason's boat is keeping a blog to keep families and others updated on what they are doing, etc. Check out Jason's post here :o)


Friday, February 5, 2010


Is it just me or am I getting HUGE????

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

I just realized.....

the holidays will NEVER be the same for Jason & I, ever again! I hadn't even thought about it, but thanks to Jodi I realized that this Easter we will be playing Easter bunny for the first time! At least we are hoping she will be here by Easter since that's almost 2 weeks after my due date--heck, I'm hoping she will be here so I can pinch her little cheeks on St. Patricks day! Thank you Jodi for Paislee's "Baby's 1st Easter" bib, and her adorable socks!!

Is there anywhere to get an Easter basket in Valdez?
Not only will we be playing Easter bunny, we will also get to go trick or treating and play Santa Claus too! I remember when I was little my Daddy ALWAYS got me flowers for Valentine's Day, and I think my mom did too! I can't wait to start new traditions with my little family! I want to be the type of mom that goes all out for the holidays--changing bathroom and kitchen towels for each holiday, decorating the house, and making cookies and candy--the whole shebang! When we did our wedding registry, we registered for a huge set of 100 cookie cutters, just so I can use the different shapes for pancakes in the mornings and sandwiches for lunchboxes, and of course--cookies! I rarely took my lunch to school, but when I did my mom always snuck a note or surprise in there and I loved it! It's the little things that you will always remember, and I hope that Paislee remembers all of the little things that we do for her over the years, and I hope they mean as much to her as they will for us!

11 days down, 10 days to go until Jason is HOME! :o)


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sesi the dog....I mean Cat.

Don't mean to brag or anything, but Jason & I have the coolest cat ever. If I didn't know better I would think she was a dog in a previous life. She listens when we tell her "no", comes when you call her, follows you around the house--right under your feet just like a dog, she models tutus and hairbows for me--she even sits between the shower curtains while we are in the shower and tries to look in the shower :o) We could not have asked for a better pet-and couldn't think of any better entertainment for me while Jason is away. She is so funny, and sometimes I find myself talking to her like she is a person when Jason has been gone for a while :o) She loves flies, and even though we have only had like 2 get into this house since I have been here, she constantly looks for them on the is a video of her showing off more of her dog-like qualities..enjoy :o)

Don't mind the messy house--my craft stuff is kinda scattered around everywhere since Jason isn't home :o)


Monday, February 1, 2010

Private Blog..

So I have been thinking lately about making the blog private after Paislee gets here. A few of my friends who have blogs recently made their's private after having children, and I think it's a good idea. I mean, I follow Kelly's Korner Blog religiously--she is under "blogs I read" and is awesome, if you don't read her blog, you should! Anyways, I know where she lives and if I wanted to, I could go hang out at Sonic or Target (because she is at both places quite often) and follow her home! I know that there is no one out there that wants to get me, but people are crazy and obviously Jason isn't home every night and it's just scary to think about! Especially when it will be not only me, but my little girl that I have to protect. Also, I have a site meter that tells me when people look at my page and where they are from--and I am getting views from random places in the U.S. that I have never heard of.

So, after Paislee gets here the blog will probably be set to 'Private'. I just wanted to give everyone a head's up (as if I have TONS of people reading, ha!), just in case you wanted to continue reading. I hate to do this because I want lots and lots of followers and love when people visit my blog--I just want to know WHO has access to my blog. So if you read the blog and want to continue reading, you have until Miss Paislee decides to grace us with her presence to let me know :o) You can leave a comment, send me an e-mail, a message on facebook--WHATEVER! Just include your e-mail address when you do so I can add you to the list. After I set it to private, you will just have to type in your e-mail address to access my blog. It won't let me know how often you visit or anything like that-I will just know WHO has access to it, and that my family is safe from psycho blog stalkers :o)

Happy Monday! 1 week down, 2 to go until Jason is HOME!

Oh yeah, today I am 33 weeks pregnant--Paislee is about the size of a honeydew-19 inches long, 4.5 pounds--and let me tell you, I can tell she is getting heavier by the day! 7 weeks to go!

XOXO from a paranoid mommy--