Tuesday, February 23, 2010

We Love Grandmas!

Sesi is such a dog! As soon as you get up in the morning she is at your feet wanting attention :o)
It's been an exciting week of packages! Last Friday we received a big package from my mama, full of all sorts of things--bassinet sheets, baby spoons, bibs, clothes, baby wipes, maternity (fat) clothes, etc. She also sent another blanket she made for Paislee! This one is white with little sparkly things in it, with pink fuzz on the ends--isn't it precious?
Then yesterday we received a baby swing from Jason's Mama. Jason came home from work and put it together and I love love love it! The picture is a little blurry, but it's a cradle swing that can swing from side to side or front to back, and has a little canopy around it because you can turn on the projector and it shines stars on the canopy--so neat! It also has an adapter so you can plug it into the wall rather than use batteries, which can be such a pain! Thank you Mama T, we love it, and Paislee will too! Oh yeah, can you see someone hanging out underneath it??? Daddy has already had to set Sesi girl straight and let her know that she is NOT allowed in the swing--so she sits underneath it instead--such a good kitty!
Remember this little outfit I showed ya'll a while back? Well it wasn't THIS outfit, but it was pretty similar. This was also in the package my mama sent, a Christmas outfit from my sister that I just LOVE! I can't WAIT for Christmas so we can dress Paislee up--and by then she will probably be crawling around everywhere, wearing the knees out of these pants! Oh well, she will be such a little cutie :O)
Well I'm off for the day to work on homework--BLUGH. We have a doctor's appointment this afternoon-maybe she will check and see if we are progressing any towards having a BABY!!!

Happy Tuesday!


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  1. yay for all of your stuff!!! love the x-mas outfit! so cute!