Sunday, February 21, 2010

Nothing exciting to say.

I'm sitting here 'watching' the Olympics--the USA vs. Canada hockey game--with Jason, and realized how lucky I am to be in Alaska, where his favorite teams are not shown on tv here :o) One of the ONLY things I will miss about this place, ha!

We've had a pretty boring and laid-back weekend, just how I like em these days. Yesterday we went to town to do a little browsing and went to the grocery store, had dinner at Subway--after our trip to town I was too worn out to cook, haha. We came home and caught up on all of our DVR'd shows and did the belly cast. It was fun--I guess. If you call sitting around naked having nasty gooey strips plastered to you, fun. No really, it wasn't THAT bad, just tiring having to stand in one position for 30 minutes, with your feet swelling bigger and bigger by the minute.

Today I got on the webcam to talk to my sister and brother-in-law and my sweet niece and nephew--or should I say my sweet nephew and my mean niece?? :o) I guess the mirrors around this house have been playing tricks on me, because I didn't realize how FAT my face has gotten. I am offically SCARRED and have came to the realization that I look like this:

It is safe to say I am a fat heffer and probably will not be showing my face again until this baby is O-U-T and this baby weight is G-O-N-E.

Good news is, tomorrow starts my NINTH MONTH, YAY!!!! Hopefully less than a month before Paislee is here :o) Hope everyone had a great weekend!


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