Thursday, February 4, 2010

I just realized.....

the holidays will NEVER be the same for Jason & I, ever again! I hadn't even thought about it, but thanks to Jodi I realized that this Easter we will be playing Easter bunny for the first time! At least we are hoping she will be here by Easter since that's almost 2 weeks after my due date--heck, I'm hoping she will be here so I can pinch her little cheeks on St. Patricks day! Thank you Jodi for Paislee's "Baby's 1st Easter" bib, and her adorable socks!!

Is there anywhere to get an Easter basket in Valdez?
Not only will we be playing Easter bunny, we will also get to go trick or treating and play Santa Claus too! I remember when I was little my Daddy ALWAYS got me flowers for Valentine's Day, and I think my mom did too! I can't wait to start new traditions with my little family! I want to be the type of mom that goes all out for the holidays--changing bathroom and kitchen towels for each holiday, decorating the house, and making cookies and candy--the whole shebang! When we did our wedding registry, we registered for a huge set of 100 cookie cutters, just so I can use the different shapes for pancakes in the mornings and sandwiches for lunchboxes, and of course--cookies! I rarely took my lunch to school, but when I did my mom always snuck a note or surprise in there and I loved it! It's the little things that you will always remember, and I hope that Paislee remembers all of the little things that we do for her over the years, and I hope they mean as much to her as they will for us!

11 days down, 10 days to go until Jason is HOME! :o)


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  1. awww--i'm glad i made you realize that about holidays! ms. paislee better be here by easter...for your sake! haha! =) glad you like the gift-thought you needed something to cheer you up while jason was gone!