Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Just so I can say I blogged today....

Well Jodi, looks like we should be able to put the "Baby's 1st Easter" bib you sent Paislee to use!

I had a doctor's appointment today, everything looked pretty good. I tried to get an estimate out of the doctor or a round-a-bout time to maybe expect a baby--all she would say was "If she isn't here by April Fool's day, we will induce".... :o( Come sooner Paislee!!!!!

Not much to say today, not feeling too well--looking forward to American Idol and then early to bed to catch up on some SLEEP!

I noticed my pregnancy ticker at the top of the blog--it says something about how my pelvis is preventing me from dancing to Britney-ha! For those of you who don't know--I LOVE Britney Spears--and I'm still dancing too--mainly just in the shower though, so no one can see :o)

Happy Tuesday!!! Which means it's almost Wednesday which means we are halfway through the week, which means it's almost the weekend and almost time for Jason to be HOME!!! Hey, it gets me through the week to break it down that way :o)


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  1. awww...yay! a least we know her birthstone will be aquamarine and not a diamond since she'll be born in march! haha! you know i have to say something about jewelry! glad jason will be home soon!! hope you feel better!! what day is he coming back? i will try and give you a call before he comes back to help w/ your boredom!! =)