Wednesday, February 24, 2010

No News is Good News...I guess?

I had my weekly checkup yesterday, and I really don't have anything exciting to share :o(
I don't know why I thought my Dr. would check for dilation or effacement, seeing she hasn't done a single pelvic exam in the last eight months. She did say that Paislee is head down, which is good. I guess at this point no news is good news, and as long as me and baby are happy and healthy, that's all that matters. I hate to think that it could be another 6 weeks before I could see her, and I am HOPING that she will come AT LEAST by her due date--March 22nd--but at LEAST I am not suffering from heartburn anymore, and I'm not TOO miserable YET. But that could all change tomorrow ;o).

She did go over my options for pain management, which I found very shocking but I guess she wanted to be on the same page when the time comes. Guess what I found out? All this time I have been hearing that you CANNOT have an epidural if you give birth here in Valdez, because there is no one here that can do them. I have even heard stories about people having C-sections here in town and how they had to have an anesthesiologist FLOWN in to do their epidurals. Come to find out, Dr. Todd can do epidurals. Evidently, they do not LIKE to do epidurals here. She said people do really well here without them. Well that's just GRREAT. But I would like to have the OPTION for one if I decide that I want one. Still don't think it will happen, because they just don't like giving epidurals here. Anyways, don't mean to sound like a big baby, just wanted to share that little bit of information that has been withheld from me for the past 8 months. I have had a few friends give birth here in Valdez, and they have had nothing bad to say about their experiences, so I trust that mine will go just as smooth :o)

A little product promotion here on this lovely Wednesday afternoon for all of you tea drinkers. I have never been a tea drinker myself, and neither has my mom, so we never really made much tea in our house. When we DID, we just put a pot of water on the stove and threw the tea bags in and let it boil, yadda yadda ya--it was a pain in the butt. After I moved up here with Jason, one night he requested tea and pulled out this crazy 'tea making gadget' for me to use. I thought he was crazy for owning such a thing--why pay money for something like that, when making tea requires ONE POT?

Why? Because it is just so much easier, and not such a pain in the butt. You don't have to stand there and watch the pot to make sure it doesn't boil over, or the tea bag strings don't catch on fire. What you CAN do is fill the maker with water to the line, put the tea bags in and stick the pitcher in its place. Then you can go on and do what you were doing and come back to the tea when you get a chance--no watching it, it powers off when it's finished and it doesn't boil over. I even converted my mom to a 'user' while I was home over the summer :o) Give it a try if you have $20 to spare and make tea on a regular basis!

Okay, I think I've blabbed too much--maybe I should start doing "Wordless Wednesdays"??? haha...



  1. hopefully miss paislee will be here by her due date! i have that tea maker. my mom made it the old school way too, but jana gave me that tea maker one year for christmas-i love it, although, i haven't drank sweet tea for like a year and a half, so i never use it!!

  2. Definitely gotta have a sweet tea maker in our house!! this one is our absolute favorite - but we have to have Luzianne teabags and I actually made my mom send them to me in every package she sent me in AK b/c they don't have that brand at safeway. Yep - we're a little crazy about our sweet tea!!! :)