Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thoughtful/Thankful Thursday

Just when I was running out of things to blog about, and was about to torture ya'll with another recipe blog--I saw Jodi and Kira's posts for today and decided to do something in between what they did. Kind of on the same line as Jodi's random thoughts for Thursday, but also similar to Kira's thankful Thursday post.

I'm calling this post Thoughtful/Thankful Thursday because I am putting a lot of thought into it, ha, and because these are things I am thankful for--but also things that I love, love, LOVEEEE :o) I was going to call them 'natural highs' and then I started thinking--"what exactly is a natural high??" and after thinking for about a minute--a little longer than I wanted to think about it, I decided to play it safe and just call these things:

Things that make me happy:

Hawaiian Shaved Ice. Man Oh Man. This is my favorite summertime treat, and I could eat it all day, everyday--and not just in the summertime. There are a few stands in Goldsboro, and one in Kinston and Smithfield that I know of. I have seen other stands 'claiming' to be Hawaiian Shaved Ice--but none of them compare to these places. Hawaiian Shaved Ice should be the consistency of all of this snow we get and ya'll have been getting. It should be fine and soft--not chunky and crunchy like a snow cone. You shouldn't have to chew it. Jason even looked into surprising me before I moved up here, because he knew it would make me so happy-come to find out, a good shaved ice machine will cost ya around $1,000. Guess we will have to wait till we get rich...

My niece and nephew make me oh so happy :o) I love them so much and if it's any clue as to how much I am going to love Paislee--well lets just say she is going to be a lucky girl. Yes, I miss my family very much--but these kiddos are the ones that really get me. Maybe it's because they are young and I worry that they won't remember me, or don't understand why I'm not around anymore? I know Weston isn't worried about me, he knows I am living with Santa helping him and the elves make toys for Christmas ;o)
And Kensley still remembers me, so far. My mom will ask her "where's Ashley?" and she will point to my picture on the fridge, or say "mone, mone" and take her back to my room. So at least she knows where I'm SUPPOSED to be :o) I can't wait to take her home her very own, real, live babydoll this summer. She is going to be so happy...or at least we hope so :o)
Ahhhhhh! The beach. My heaven. I LOVE the beach with a passion. I could lay on the beach all day, everyday--eating my Hawaiian Shaved Ice--and it would never get old. I love everything about the beach. The HEAT. The sand, the water, the tan, the people watching, dog watching, boat watching. I love everything about it. There is not much that makes me happier than I am when I am sitting on the beach, wind blowing in my hair, listening to the waves. Sadly, I think my bikini days are over :o( While we are on the subject, another thing that makes me happy is the smell of tanning oil or sunscreen--go figure, it reminds me of the beach.
RED HOT DOGS! All of you folks that haven't had the pleasure of eating a red hot dog--you need to get your booties down to eastern NC and get you a red hot dog. YUM.
Okay, enough with the pictures, they're taking up lots of space--even though they are fun :o)

--I LOOOOOOOVE (there aren't enough 'O's in the world to describe how much I LOVE) to have my back scratched or my hair played with. I'm like a cat--I just like to be touched. Tuck my tag in, and I'm like "Ooh, do it again!" ha! When I lived on the Sigma floor I would give up my seat on the couch to ANYONE who wanted to sit there--as long as I could sit on the floor in front of them and have them play with my hair. I even began to learn WHO I could sit in front of and have them play with my hair without even having to ask--Erin Collins and Berrin were GREAT for it :o) I guess they just couldn't resist a head full of hair in front of them ;o)

--I love getting a good night's sleep. I know, those days are gone-but I can still love them! And if I had it my way, I would stay up till about 4 am every morning, and then sleep till noon. Does that make me a bad person?

--I love feeling baby kicks, and especially hiccups. It makes me laugh because I know how annoying hiccups can be, and I picture her in there, SO irritated, hiccupping away :o) Makes me laugh everytime!

--I love my sweet husband and how I got SO lucky finding him. We have the perfect love story and couldn't have found each other at a better time. I love how he always wants to kiss me, and always says that I'm beautiful--even when I know I look like CRAP. I love how he hoots and hollers when I walk around in my underwear--even now that I have cottage cheese thighs and stretch marks :o) And even though it gets on my nerves, I have to admit--every girl needs to hear that every once in a while--I hear it everyday, haha. I love how he would do anything for me, and how he spoils me and treats me like a princess, and I love how he is my best friend in the world and I could tell him anything and he wouldn't think bad of me or judge me for it<3

WOW, okay maybe this post could continue another day? Don't want anyone who is sitting here reading this to have to sit through anymore--I'll have to start paying ya'll haha. Obviously I LOVE a lot of things, and a lot of things make me happy :o) Most of them being back on the East Coast--like my family, friends and the foods that I LOOOVE :o) Ya'll get the picture!

Maybe this post should have been titled 'Talk-a-lot Thursday' :o)

Hope everyone has had a great day--it's almost the weekend!



  1. Kira has a blog? i didn't know that. Sigma Kira? What is her blog address?? I love all of these things too!!

  2. Yes she does! Here is the address!