Monday, March 1, 2010

Life has been boring here in the Mozingo household lately, hence the reason I haven't posted anything--nothing to write about! I guess that means that things are slowing down, I'm getting lazier and more tired, and Jason is just hanging out with me and we're doing a whole lot of nothing!

I've been getting a lot of tips lately on how to make Paislee come on out--Walking, Sex, Castor Oil (ew, no.), Pineapple, etc.--and I started thinking--do I REALLY want to make her come sooner?? Up until last night, I was getting GOOD sleep, although it was more like zzzzz.....pee....zzzzz....pee...zzz...pee...I was still sleeping good :o) Although I am SO ready to meet her, and SO ready to be un-pregnant, I feel like I should be enjoying these last few weeks of sleeping as late as I want, and doing pretty much what I want, when I want. I also realized that after Paislee comes, it's no more just me and Jason for a LONG time! That kind of made me want to cry :o( I love our alone time! Don't get me wrong, I am very excited and can't wait to have my little girl and do everything for her--but for now, we are going to keep baby in a little bit longer and enjoy these last few weeks together :o) We will let HER decide when she wants to come out!

Jason and I DID go to the grocery store this weekend. I made him make a list of dinners he wanted me to make this week since it might be the last bit of cooking I get to do for a while. Maybe not--but as baby gets heavier, my legs get weaker and it gets harder to stand in the kitchen for a long time cooking!

So here are some dinners we are doing this week:
-Pot Roast
-Chicken Enchiladas
-Pulled BBQ Chicken Sandwiches
-Chicken Casserole
-Vegetable Soup

I'll be 10 pounds heavier at my next appointment! Ha!

Happy Monday Everyone!

Today I am 37 weeks pregnant! Paislee weighs around 7 lbs. and is 19-22 inches long!



  1. That dinner list makes me want chicken enchiladas! YUM!

    And trust me, enjoy these last few weeks! I haven't slept in in over a year...oh to just have one day...

  2. That list makes me want to make chicken enchiladas! YUM!

    Take advantage of this time together! I haven't slept in in over a year...

  3. yay for only a couple more weeks! i want your chicken enchilada recipe!

  4. I will post the Chicken Enchilada recipe when I make it this week! It's a different recipe than what most people are used to, but we like it!

  5. 7 pounds already, sheesh! Good luck :) Did you ever try that baked ziti? I made it again yesterday and thought of you! Hope everything is going okay! I'm excited to start reading more about Paislee!

  6. I KNOW! And big babies run in my family so she could be bigger than that--aggghh!!! YES we did try the baked ziti-it was fabulous, although Jason isn't a big fan of anything with Ricotta cheese he got over it and ate it anyways, but I loved it-it definitely went in my recipe book!!