Monday, March 22, 2010

Married Mondays: Toot Toot!

Ohhh man. This is an embarrassing one. This weeks 'Married Mondays' topic is about pooting :o) Who 'tooted' first?

Now if you know me, I mean REALLY know me--you know that I'm not too embarrassed to poot in front of people--ONCE I get to know them. I have never understood the gals that couldn't poot in front of their boyfriends or husbands. I mean yeah, I usually wait a few months until I'm comfortable around them, but I could never marry someone that I couldn't poot in front of. That was always one thing I had to have in a man: one that accepted my poots, ha! If they didn't, I would blow up!

Well, there is no question as to who pooted first--obviously it was him. It just wasn't a big deal--you know, guys fart all the time--so unfortunately there is no funny story to go along with it. So I will tell you about the first time I pooted in front of him--the night I met him :o)

From the time we all got to Jason's friends house, Jason was CONSTANTLY burping. And I mean burping like I have never heard before. LOUD and CONSTANT. And not just because he was drinking--he burps like that ALL THE TIME. I was trying to get Jason to teach me how since I CANNOT burp--it just doesn't happen, ask anyone. Anyways, I guess the 'friend' that I was with that night thought it would be funny to try to embarrass me and tell everyone that even though I couldn't burp, I could "fart on command". Too bad for her, and lucky for me--I didn't care. I wasn't trying to impress these guys and didn't really care what they thought of me. Sadly, they thought it sounded pretty cool and wanted to see for themselves. Here is a little history on this "farting on command" thing--when I was little, and complained about a stomach ache, my mom always said it was gas. She said that if I would put my butt up in the air, I would poot and feel better since gas rises! Ha! Yes she was full of it, but guess what? It works! Everyone should try it next time they have gas pains! ha!!!! Ughh, this is embarrassing. Anyways....

The guys wanted to see this "farting on command". I told them I would only do it if someone else would do it with me. So of course, gassy Jason agreed. We were outside so someone had to give me their flip flops to put my knees on, and Jason and I got down on the ground and into position. Before everyone knew it, I farted and they were all dying. They thought it was hilarious, and honestly--it was :o)

So that's the story. Jason swears thats what made him realize that he had to have me and that I was the one for him--think he is lying?? On another note, the first time he came to my apartment I walked in my bedroom (my bathroom was in my bedroom) and he was in the bathroom, sitting on the toilet, door wide open, reading a Cosmopolitan. That makes me feel better :o) That's why we work so well together, we're not shy at all.

Hope you enjoyed my pooting story--don't judge me! :o)



  1. bahahahahahha omg I cracked up the whole time I read I wish I had a cool pooting story like yours...

    any contractions yet???

  2. OMG! This totally cracked me up, LOL. ESPECIALLY the part about him in the bathroom reading cosmo! HILARIOUS!!

  3. hahaha- I so remember you in that same position on the couch in the lobby :) I miss those Sigma days!

  4. OMG!! I found you through Stephanie's... This story is hilarious! What a fun party trick! LOL ;) You two sound like my kinda people!... The couple that farts together, stays together! Ha :)