Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thoughts for Thursday

Hello! I know, I've been slacking in the blogging department this week! Is it sad that I feel guilty when I go a day without blogging? I'm sure that finding something to blog about will get much easier when I have a screaming baby around--but then when will I find the time?? Oh man, my life is about to change in a big way.

--I went to the Doctor for my weekly checkup on Tuesday, and although there was no change in my cervix, the baby has finally DROPPED! I knew she had, this feeling that I have adopted this week CANNOT be a normal feeling. I thought I was waddling before--now its more like I'm pushing myself from one the other..back...and forth, side to side. I'm sure it's pretty entertaining to watch but dang it HURTS!
--I woke up this morning with a stuffy nose--which has become a normal thing for the past 9 months, did anyone else suffer from a stuffy nose throughout their WHOLE pregnancy? I've read that it's normal, but I hope it doesn't come back with my next pregnancy. Anyways, aside from a stuffy nose, I also have a runny nose. How does that happen? And I can't stop sneezing. I swear if I have to change my underwear one more time, I'm going to scream! Ha!
--Tonight Jason and I are going on what will probably be our last date for a very long time. We are going to the civic center here in Valdez for their weekly movie--Valentine's Day! I'm excited! :o)
--Last night for dinner we had Mexican--Jason made the comment that this would probably be the last time we had to have Mexican Night without Margaritas--whoo hoo!
--Might I add that last night was the first meal in 2 days that didn't consist of bacon, lettuce, tomatoes and miracle whip? We have been on a major BLT kick in this house--Jason suggested them the other night for dinner and I have been HOOKED ever since. We have been through a head of lettuce, a pack of bacon, about 10 tomatoes (Jason likes lots of tomatoes on his BLT) half of a huge jar of Miracle Whip and TWO loaves of bread this week. And I'm STILL excited for him to get home for lunch today so we can make BLT's for lunch :o)
--Did anyone ever get a steak dinner in the hospital after they had their children--especially you Valdez ladies. When Jason and I went to pre-register at the hospital, they said that after I have the baby we will get a nice steak dinner. My mom said she has heard of a lot of places that do that--but not me! I don't remember my sister ever telling me about that, and I think she would have told me about a steak dinner! My question is--will it be worth a crap? Come on, we all know how bad hospital food is--can they really pull off a good steak dinner or am I going to have to call for backup??
--Strawberries were buy 1 get 1 free at the grocery store yesterday. I know it seems like no big deal, but it's a big deal here and to me. First of all, usually when you see strawberries here in Valdez they are half green/white or half brown/rotten. Second, you know those little plastic containers they come in? $6.29. Yes, OUTRAGEOUS. So you can imagine how happy I was yesterday when we went to the store and I could get TWO of those plastic containers for just $6.29 AND those strawberries are as red and shiny as they get! See what Alaska will do to a person?
--Bags are packed, and ready to go! I have Paislee's outfits with her matching bows--which now I'm worried they will be too big for her sweet little head :o( I have all of my nursing gowns, which look like moo-moo's, and my non-slip socks, ha! I have my toiletries, pregnancy books, and 'after care' items, I'm sure you ladies know what I mean :o). Now we are just waiting for the big day. I haven't had ANY signs of labor really. I have had a few unidentified 'cramps' but I don't think they were contractions of any kind. I HAVE been extremely ill and moody this week--so maybe that's a sign? Doctor did say that we
'could' have a baby this week, but she didn't say that we WOULD. PLEASE oh PLEASE Paislee, don't be late. Both your Mama and Daddy are always on time, so you should be too! Oh, and if you don't come out soon--your daddy might leave me! :-O

Here are the guesses for this week--forgive me if I mess them up, so many people have guessed so many different days, it's all getting clustered in my brain!

Today--Me. ONLY because Grey's Anatomy is a re-run tonight and I am convinced they did that so I wouldn't have to miss it :o) Also, my friend Lauralee that took those pictures for us yesterday..well she is a baby whisperer. She took my friend Ann's pregnancy pictures and the next day Ann went into labor--we are praying for the same results :o)

-March 19--Monica & Jason
-March 20--Ann & Lindsay Jones
-March 21, 8lbs. 2 oz-Lauralee. Lauralee also guessed the day that Ann's little girl would be born. So today or Sunday--Lauralee, I am HOPING you are right! This is also my friend Alex's guess.
-March 22--Due date
-March 23--Stephanie from Marriage Tales
-March 25--Valerie's guess, Alex had guessed this day but changed her mind :o)
-March 26-My Mom's guess
-March 27-Jason's last guess
-March 28-Andrea
-March 30-Stephanie Larson
-April 1--my last guess (since I will be induced on this day if we don't have a baby yet!)

Whew! That's a lot to keep up with! Luckily I have this nifty pregnancy journal & organizer to keep it all in!
I have LOVED this thing for the past nine months. A friend bought it for me when I first found out I was pregnant, and I have been documenting EVERYTHING for the past nine months. It has pages you can fill out about first kicks, and other special moments, Dr.'s appointments, weight gain tracker, gifts received, checklists for what to bring to the hospital and what you need for baby, etc. It also has spaces for every day, like a journal, so you can write whatever you want. I have put anything from what I craved that day or ate that day, to how I was feeling, who made me mad, etc. I think its a really neat way to be able to remember everything, and one day I will pass it down to Paislee so she will know what to expect when SHE is expecting. The good, bad and UGLY :o) I recommend everyone get one when you get pregnant, you will be so happy that you did!

Okay, enough blabbing! I'm off for my mid-morning nap :o) Hope everyone has had a great week--it's almost the weekend!!!!


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  1. the 22nd is a great day... that's my birthday! for your sake i hope she doesn't stretch it through the weekend! thinking about you :)