Thursday, March 4, 2010

Married Mondays: Introduce Your Spouse

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Meet my husband--Jason Lee Mozingo.

He's a special one :o) As I have mentioned numerous times in my previous posts, he is the sweetest man I have ever known, and I don't know HOW I got so lucky to not only find him, but to hook him and reel him in!

Jason is a Gunner's Mate in the Coast Guard. The only thing I can tell you really about his job is that he handles the weapons and ammunition, and also is a small arms instructor--AKA--he teaches people how to handle and use guns, and gets them certified to use them. He will probably have tons of corrections to add to that when he gets home and reads this, ha! He loves his job, mainly because he LOVES guns. He 'collects' them and sometimes I think he regrets marrying me because he could have stayed single and would have a house full of guns by now....Too Bad :o) Not only is he a hard worker AT work, he is also a hard worker at home. He does SO much around the house, sometimes I feel guilty. He just gets in these 'moods' and you can't stop him. It almost annoys me because I just want him to SLOW DOWN, but there is no stopping him when these moods hit him. So it's either join him in a cleaning frenzy, or sit back, relax and enjoy the show :o)
He can also be a 'romantic' sometimes. When we went on our honeymoon he had all of this (above) waiting for me when we got to our stateroom, plus chocolate covered strawberries later on that night. It was pretty romantic :o) He has also been known to run me a nice hot bath, complete with candles around the tub, a glass of wine and an iPod with relaxing music-he even gave me a foot rub while I enjoyed my bath--isn't he sweet? Aside from the 'big' sweet things he does--he also does little sweet things throughout the day, everyday. And I know most of you ladies can agree, its the little things that mean the most. Anytime we go somewhere he turns on my seat warmer in the truck so it will be warm when I get in. He always opens doors and makes me go first, he even opens my car door most of the time. He holds my hand when we walk outside so I don't slip and fall. He lays on my side of the bed at night while I'm brushing my teeth and getting ready for bed, so it will be warm when I get in. He always refills my drink when he gets up to refill his. I should have known he was a sweetie from the beginning--people always told me, if a guy treats his Mama well, he will treat you well...and he loooves his Mama and his sister :o)
He's a manly man, and doesn't like for me to question his ability to do manly man things. He wants to carry ALL of the groceries when we get home from the grocery store, any heavy lifting is done by him, and anything that needs to be put together--that's his job. I don't mind putting things together--but he won't let me. Maybe he doesn't trust that I can do it the right way? Ha. He is very obsessive compulsive--he likes for things to be very organized and alphabetized as much as possible. He has an excel spreadsheet created for anything you can think of, and you guessed it--they are all alphabetized. Everything from movies we own, to movies we want, furniture we own, furniture we want, guns he owns, guns he wants, etc. I told you, he's a special one :o) It's a good thing he is the way he is though, because I am the exact opposite and we definitely need order in our lives.

Even though he is a manly man, he is also a silly billy a lot of the times.....scratch that. MOST of the time. He is a big ol' goofball. He is always impersonating someone, or quoting movies or just acting stupid in general. He has these crazy voices that he talks to the cat in, and I swear thats why she likes him better. Let me just say--the good Lord picked a good person for me to live in Alaska with, because he keeps me pretty entertained most of the time and if it were anyone else, I probably wouldn't have made it this far :o)

So that's my husband. A silly, sweet, handsome, genuine, manly, obsessive compulsive, neat freak, loving, big-hearted man :o) I couldn't have picked a better one, and I can't wait to see what a great Daddy he turns out to be! I'm actually a little scared that Paislee is going to come and steal all of my attention. I do know one thing--she will give the boys a hard time because she will know what a good man is, and will not settle for less!

Well, there ya go. Hope ya'll enjoyed getting to know my man!



  1. awwww....great post! yay for finding a good man!! =) I'm going to do a post like this too!!!

  2. Everytime I read another meet my spouse I get so teary eyed! Your Hubby sounds awesome! Don't forget to use the McLinky on my Meet Your Spouse post so that people who visit my page can be linked to your post too. :)

  3. What an AWESOME tribute to Jason - he is a great guy! maybe we'll meet up again with the CG and can re-visit! :)