Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Fives: 5 Things on my Bucket List

1. Travel to all 50 states

I loooove to travel, and I married the perfect man to do it with! Being in the Coast Guard, it looks like we will see a lot of the country, and hopefully every single state. So far I have only been to a few states:
-South Carolina
-North Carolina
-West Virginia

I have been to other states, but just in airports, so I'm not counting them. We will travel through quite a few states I haven't been to on our cross-country road trip this summer as well. I hope to see every single state before I die!

2. Eventually live (very) close to a beach

When I lived in NC I was only a short hour or so from the beach. Now Jason has dragged me to a place I never thought I would see, and honestly, never cared to see. I HATE cold weather, and it seems like Jason LOVES it. Jason wanted to spend another year here, and I absolutely did not, so we compromised.  Go somewhere else that he can hunt--so to Maine it is! After our 2 years in Maine, I am hoping to be back in NC, and living VERY close to a beach--which won't be hard since he is in the COAST guard :o)  Or even better...HAWAII!!!! I have a few friends living there now, and just seeing pictures from their everyday life makes me SO JEALOUS. It seems like everyday is a vacation! What a perfect few years that would be! I would even be happy with Florida-anywhere really with a beach and warm weather would make me a happy girl :o)

3. Design and build our dream house

Since we will be moving around every few years for the next 15 years (or so), it will be a while before we can really settle down somewhere permanent and build our dream house. I am fine with that--I knew what this life would be like when I married Jason, and like I said, I love to travel so I don't mind. When we DO finally get somewhere permanent, I want to design our dream house from the bottom up--and have it built. Until then, we will have fun looking at all of our different options, and figuring out EXACTLY what we want when the time finally comes to design our dream house :o) 

4. Have this BABY!

Okay,  I know this shouldn't count, but I'm running out of ideas. All I really ever wanted in life was to get married to the perfect man (check) and have a little family! Sadly, my career goals have always been to be a housewife--cook, clean, take care of my man and children, have dinner on the table, etc. Anyways, since this is relavent and (hopefully) good news, I thought I would throw this little bit of info in here! When I went to the Dr. Tuesday my blood pressure was a little higher than usual and I had some protein in my urine. My Dr. told me to monitor my BP and that if it got above 140/90 to call or come in. So Jason went and bought a BP monitor, and we have been keeping track of it for the past few days. We noticed a few spikes that were over 140/90, so we decided to call the Dr. yesterday afternoon (or my mom told me I needed to). So we called and they wanted us to come in so they could check on everything. After seeing me, my Dr. decided to do an ultrasound and a non-stress test, just to make sure the baby was okay. The baby was fine--wild as ever, and looking to be right at 8lbs :o) Since we ARE in the middle of nowhere, and my Dr. wants as few complications as possible, she decided that she wanted to prepare my cervix, so if she decided to induce due to my high blood pressure, everything would be ready to go. So she gave me a dose of some pill--cytotec--and made me lay there for 2 hours while it dissolved in my cervix. She said that this could bring on labor, or it could do nothing but ripen my cervix. Soooo...we are hoping it brings on labor. Either way, I think we will be having a baby sooner, rather than later--we hope so!

5. Be the best Mom & Wife that I can be

I don't know if this really qualifies as 'bucket list material' but I'm putting it up here anyways. I know that raising children is the hardest job that I will ever have, but I am so excited and cannot WAIT to get started. I want to raise well-behaved children (who doesn't?) with good values, good manners and fun, loving personalities. I want to be the mom that decorates the house for all of the holidays, sends packed lunches with notes and sandwiches cut with cookie cutters that coordinate with special days of the week or holidays. I want to make breakfast every morning, and have dinner ready every night. I want to start and keep family traditions, and teach my children how important your family is. I want to give my children everything they need, and a lot of things that they want, but also teach them how important it is to give to others. I want to teach my children what my mama taught me, and be as good as a mom to them as she was to me. I also want to be the mom that my kids can come to for anything, and tell anything. I also want to be this kind of wife to Jason because he deserves that and I know he will be the best husband and father to my children that I could have ever asked for :o) And that's as mushy as I'm going to get.

So there is my bucket list! I know, kind of boring but it's the simple things in life that mean the most :o)

Happy Friday! Hopefully there will be a baby post to follow very soon....


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  1. Thanks for doing my Friday Fives! I am with you PLEASE LET ME LIVE CLOSE TO THE BEACH ONE DAY!