Sunday, March 28, 2010

Labor & Delivery

She's finally here! I know everyone probably knew that already, sorry I've been a slacker and haven't posted since...Wednesday...I think? My days are so mixed up now, I don't know one day from another so let me try to get this right.

Last time I posted I think was Wednesday night, after we had gotten back from the hospital and were supposed to go back at ten for another dose of the Cytotec. Funny thing--I just looked back and it WAS Wednesday night, and my post was titled 'No News'. I posted at 8:24 pm, and said nothing was going on. I must have been eating my dinner at that point and watching American Idol. After I finished eating, I got up, busted a couple of dance moves like the nurse told me to do, and five minutes later got up to take a shower and felt a 'POP' and my water broke! This was at 8:45. True Story :o) After my water broke I noticed my bloody show and mucus plug, and knew that my water had broken FOR SURE, so I had Jason call the hospital and let them know and I took a shower. By the time I got out of the shower I had gone from not feeling my contractions to being in full blown labor. My contractions were about 3 minutes apart and were lasting 60 to 90 seconds. I tried to get ready, I really did. I wanted to put my makeup on and at least blow dry my hair so I would look decent for a couple of pictures when we got to the hospital--that didn't happen. I managed to get my hair up in a ponytail and my clothes on and at that point was ready to go. I remember having to stop every few minutes and call Jason in to hug me during my contractions while I tried to breath through them. By the time we were ready to go, Jason was asking if I wanted to bring the laptop and I screamed at him and told him I didn't care to just HURRY UP!!! :o) Sorry Jason :o)

So we drove to the hospital, got there and got back into my beautiful hospital gown and I started hounding them for drugs. I didn't want to throwup--I am terrified of throwup and they told me that I needed to pretty much get over that--evidently most women throwup when they are in labor. We had to wait for Dr. Todd to come in and check me, but I remember the nurse told me that by looking at my contractions I was probably dilated about 4-7 cm. I was excited to hear that but also scared because I knew that there was a point that would be too late for drugs, and I NEEDED drugs. ASAP. So finally the Dr. came in and checked and I was only 2.5 cm, so I told her I wanted medicine so I wouldn't throw up and I wanted something for the pain. She gave me Phenergan (sp?) for nausea, but wanted to wait on pain medicine until I was at least 4 cm, because it could slow things down. So we waited for maybe an hour (this is coming from Jason at this point, I can only remember a few details), and I was begging for pain medicine so they got the Dr. to come in and check again and she told them I could have some Demerol. Let me tell ya'll, that mess didn't do CRAP for me. Jason says he thinks that it toned my contractions down a little, but I don't think so. Those things HURT like the devil. People always told me that contractions feel like really bad menstrual cramps. I don't agree-they feel like the devil crawled in your stomach and is twisting your insides. Ugh. I'm in pain just thinking about them. That's what I dread the most about having another child--the contractions!

So from what I can calculate, I got the Demerol around midnight. I think I dosed on and off for a little while there, waking up for every contraction which was every few minutes. I know somewhere in there I wanted to take a bath, so I went in the bathroom and they put a chair in the shower and I just sat there spraying the hot water on my stomach, which seemed to make me feel a tiny bit better. At this point I was dilating about 1 cm per hour. Around 3 am the Dr. came in to check and said I could finally get my spinal tap, which is similar to an epidural except that it doesn't last as long, and doesn't numb you. She injected morphine into my spinal area--thats as detailed as that gets because I don't really understand much about that stuff. What I do know is that mess made me feel MUCH better. It seemed to have gotten rid of the contractions all together, but I could still feel the pressure. I was able to get a little sleep after this and so was Jason. The nurses kept coming in and checking on us, and told me to let her know when I started feeling like I needed to push.

I guess it was around 6am, I started feeling a TON of pressure--like I needed to take a poop. I told the nurse and she went and got the Dr., who came in and checked me. I was almost fully dilated so at this point everyone just stayed in the room and started getting things ready.  I remember I kept telling them that I really needed to take a crap, and they kept telling me that it was okay, they would just push it out of the way if I did. That didn't sound like a game plan to me. I tried to get over the idea of pooping all over the bed, in front of a bunch of strangers, and I just couldn't deal, so I finally asked them if I could just go try to poop. First, the nurse wanted to sit in there and watch me--that wasn't cool. Finally she let Jason come in to sit with me, so I sat there and tried and tried--but nothing. Jason said he kept looking down there to make sure I wasn't pooping out a baby, ha! So with no luck pooping, we went back to the bed. When I laid back down Dr. Todd finally told me that I could start pushing. I started pushing at 7am, pushing about 3-4 times every time I had a contraction. Everyone always told me you just push like you are taking the biggest crap ever, but I didn't really think I would be pushing like that, I thought I would push with my stomach. Nope. You literally push like you are pushing out a crap that will NOT come out. And you push and push and push. So I pushed and pushed and pushed, and finally they started saying they could see her head so I kept pushing and pushing. From here everything happened so quick I don't even really know what happened, I just know that Dr. Todd wanted to cut me and she gave me a shot to numb me, which hurt, but not any worse than pushing a baby out. Then I could feel her snipping away, UGH, but that didn't hurt. So I pushed out her head, that hurt but not as bad as the contractions and I remember there being a panic about her shoulders being a little wide so they got the suction and put it on her and had the nurses push my belly to help bring her on out. And there it was! My little 'crap' was out! Well, actually it wasn't. I STILL had the urge to take a big crap! Eventually, Dr. Todd told me to push one more time, and I pushed one little push and PLOP! Out came the placenta--thats what it felt like, another gush of relief, and THEN my 'crap' was out :o)

They whisked her away from me and cleaned her up, she wasn't crying at first so they didn't put her on my chest, and I was sad because I wanted to see her :o( I do remember asking if she had five fingers and five toes, they said no, but she has ten fingers and ten toes, ha! Yeah, I was a little out of it--the rest of the day was a blur...

Sorry if that is more detailed than ya'll would like, but people have been asking for details so there ya have em!



  1. this is the exact version I got Thursday when I talked to you!! Yay-thanks for the details-it was like I was there, but not really! haha! love you!

  2. Paislee is PRECIOUS!!!! So proud of you and so thankful everything went well :)

  3. I love birth stories! thanks for sharing! can't wait to snuggle Paislee... let me know when you guys are settled, I'd love to stop by and see her! please :)

  4. I GUESSED RIGHT!!!!!!!!! WOOHOO! She is PRECIOUS!! Also, after reading your details my vajajay hurts and I'm scarred for life, thanx. ;)-