Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thoughts for Thursday

Well, I'll join in on the Thoughts for Thursday since I have so many random thoughts running through my head :o)

  • Has anyone seen the Eclipse movie trailer that was released this morning? I wasn't very impressed. I even woke up at one point, remembered it had been released and looked it up on YouTube on my iPhone while laying in bed half asleep. Maybe it wasn't good because I was half asleep, but I don't think so. I definitely expected more. Still can't WAIT to see it when it comes out this summer!
  • Speaking of movies, I'm extremely upset that all of a sudden they have decided to release not one but TWO Nicholas Sparks movies this year, and all within like--a month of each other. Hello-we do NOT have a movie theatre here. The closest one is 6 hours away. I am extremely impatient and it is driving me crazy that I can't see these movies until they come out on video. Luckily, we have a civic center here that plays ONE movie a week, and usually gets the movie a month or so AFTER it comes out in real theaters. They better get both of these Nicholas Sparks movies or I might have a coronary. The movie 'Valentines Day' is playing here March 18th--if we don't have a baby by then, we will definitely be going to see that--anyone seen it? Thoughts? Worth the $15?
  • Anyone know who Bradley Cooper is? Google him, he's my new crush. Watch out Jason!
  • I wonder if cats can sense when labor is about to start? You know, they can sense storms and earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, so it would only make sense that they can sense a baby coming, right? I think so. For the past few months our sweet little kitty Sesi girl has been hatin' on me and Paislee. She has been a total daddy's girl, and wants nothing to do with me unless he is not here. She would barely let me touch her at one point, and you could just see the hate in her eyes when I did catch her and love and kiss on her. Now, all of a sudden, she follows me everywhere, and sleeps in our doorway at night, like she is watching over us! She has never been one to sleep with us in the bed because Jason nipped that in the bud right from the get-go, but now when Jason leaves for work in the mornings, she comes and sleeps with me. I think she knows that something is about to happen. Oh something is about to happen alright, and it's going to rock her happy little world :o)

  • TMI Alert: Is it sad that lately I have been feeling like I should be watching what I eat, out of fear that I'm going to poop on the table giving birth?? Haha!!!! I warned you. 
  • Back to Sesi--she is the best kitty in the world, she has been such a great addition to our little family and always keeps me company when Jason is gone. I can't wait to see how good of a big sister she is. She LOVES boxes. We have been getting a lot of packages for Paislee lately, and every time we bring a box in, Sesi thinks it's for her, and quickly claims it so we feel bad for throwing it away. Finally we started putting all of her toys in one of the boxes and she gets in there and plays with her toys and brings them out and even puts them back up. Can your cat do that?
  • Speaking of packages, I was putting everything on the blog that we have been getting, but that just got too hard as we started getting more and more things.  We got 2 packages this week, one from my friend Ann who lived here in Valdez and now lives in Hawaii (lucky dog!) and another from my friend Alex and her mama! Ann sent a bunch of clothes that her sweet Haley had outgrown (Haley is very fashionable might I add), a CUTE little onesie that says "My Daddy is in the Coast Guard--this is Jason's favorite-- and some extra boppy covers and bibs and a blanket--let me just say that I am IN LOVE with this blanket--I love blankets anyways but this blanket is just so pretty and I can't wait to wrap my sweet girl in it! Alex sent lots of goodies too--lots of hooded bath towels and wash cloths, and another blanket--and also a photo album with a beautiful Paisley print on it--Love it! Thank you so much Ann and Alex, and also everyone else that has sent things up here to us, and my friends here in Alaska that have been so helpful as well! I love ya'll!

  • Okay, one last thing. I have to give my input on American Idol. No one is really 'killer' to me this season. Of the girls, I really like Didi--I know Crystal Bowersox is a big favorite this year (Jodi!) but I just don't like her! I don't know if its the way she looks--I know, that's terrible, but she is just not anything special--in my opinion. She kind of grosses me out. The guys are much better in my opinion. I really like Casey James, and the little Tim guy that is just so cute, but isn't doing much and will probably be sent home tonight. I LOVED Andrew Garcia during Hollywood Week when he did 'Straight Up' and I have been rooting for him ever since, but he is starting to disappoint me--Genie in a bottle??? Come on Andrew, you could've at LEAST done Britney! ;o)
Okay, I'm done, yes finally! Have ya'll noticed that it's almost impossible for me to do a short post? I'm such a talker, and now that I am pretty much confined to our apartment (my choice), I gotta make up for the lack of communication in my life. That's my excuse for now.

It's almost Friday!



  1. haha-love your goodies for paislee! i know what you mean about crystal--just close your eyes when she plays. haha

    love the tmi part-haha....good thinking!

    i'm sticking with the 17th. what do i get if i win? =)

    i still haven't even seen new moon-sad i know!

  2. Oh Jodi, you have to see new moon!

    Maybe I will try closing my eyes next time--I think it's that missing tooth that gets me! Ha!

    I will have to think of a 'prize' for the winner--any ideas? Maybe Paislee's first picture before anyone else gets to see her, ha!

  3. You're SO welcome!! That little onesie was Philip's favorite too and I wish she could always wear it...but we have a new one now! :) thought I could pass it on to another fellow coastie. I bought the same blanket for Haley and I LOVE it & thought "this would be perfect for Paislee too!" Glad you like it as much as I do.