Monday, March 8, 2010

Married Mondays: How Did You Meet?

Ha. How did Jason and I meet? Pure luck, in my opinion. Lets see if I can do a recap without confusing everyone :o)

Oh MySpace. Some guy saw me on my friend's MySpace page, and was 'interested', so he talked to her and she talked to me and we ended up getting each other's numbers and talking. She knew the guy, so it wasn't anything TOO crazy :o) We talked for a few weeks and decided to finally meet up, so me and my friend drove to Kinston to meet him and his friends and go camping with them. Well, luckily--me and the guy did NOT hit it off. But my friend hit it off with one of his friends.

The next weekend, she called me wanting me to go with her to hang out with him and some of his friends. Finally I gave in and went with her. We get there and Stephen is there (the guy my friend liked, and Jason's best friend), and Jason and another guy. We just sat around and hung out, Jason had been drinking for a while at this point and was pretty much hanging out by himself, riding the 4-wheeler, being a loser :o) So the rest of us were hanging out talking for most of the night. Towards the end of the night, I decided I wanted to ride the 4-wheeler, which happened to be Jason's. He wouldn't let me ride without him--he thought I would wreck it or something--so he drove me. Eventually, I wanted to drive so he let me drive. But before he let me drive he told me I had to give him a kiss. I told him no and started to drive off, and he CUT THE 4-WHEELER OFF! After a couple rounds of this BS, I finally gave in and gave him a PECK. Then, every couple hundred feet, he would cut the 4-wheeler off, and make me kiss him again! By this point, we were in a full blown make-out session, ha! (Sorry Mama's for the Too Much Information!!). In case you were wondering, this was obviously a drinking night--I mean look at this boy--I obviously had my beer goggles on that night! HA!!!! No, I'm kidding--he wasn't that bad, his hair was just an afro, and he had hair hiding his pretty face :o)
We obviously exchanged numbers when my friend and I left that night, and texted over the course of the next two days. That Sunday, he told me he really didn't like texting and would rather not text anymore. I was a little upset, until I realized that he meant he would rather call me instead :o) We talked alllllll week, for hours and hours every night--and we both knew it wasn't going to go anywhere since he was moving to Alaska in a couple of weeks. He did however tell me all week that I would eventually find a man that treated me good, blah blah blah. We decided to all go to the beach that next weekend--the week after we met--and we stayed at my family's beach house in Swansboro. I like to claim that as the weekend that we fell in love <3.

Here he is at the beach that weekend--a wooly mammoth! :o)
Later that night we were talking on the phone, and I was complaining about how I missed him already and wished he was with me in Greenville. He got off the phone because he was going to go to his friends house for a little while. I was alone at my apartment and about an hour later got a knock on my door and it was HIM. I was so happy, and to make things a million times better, he had SHAVED HIS HEAD and DAYYYYYUMMMM. He was even hotter than when he was a wooly mammoth!

So there is the beginning of our story. I love it, and we still love talking about it to this day--I could talk about it a million times and it makes me laugh and smile and want to cry every time because I know we got so lucky meeting each other. The timing was perfect, the situation was perfect, even though he was moving to Alaska and it didn't seem so perfect at the time--it was :o) I told him that weekend at the beach not to play games with me, if he liked me he needed to be completely open and honest with me, because he was leaving in three weeks and we didn't have time for games. So we got to skip over all of those stupid games people usually play when they are trying to 'catch' a guy or girl.

So who would have thought I would meet the man of my dreams, after dating two of the biggest losers on the face of this earth, and that it would be SO easy?? Certainly not me! It's amazing how the man up stairs works. And WHO would have thought we would spend 3 weeks together and then him move 4,000 miles away, and we would end up married a year later? And WHO woulda thought that I, out of all people, would end up living in ALASKA? I definitely wouldn't be here for anyone other than him, thats for sure :o)

I love my boo boo!

Happy Monday!


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