Monday, March 29, 2010

Married Mondays: Worst Date

Jason and I haven't really had too many dates. He left me 3 weeks after we met to come to Alaska, and has pretty much been here ever since. We have had a worst date though. I came up here and lived last January for three months, so I was here for Valentine's Day. I had already told him not to get me anything because I didn't have a job and couldn't afford to get him anything, so we had already decided we weren't doing anything special for stupid Valentine's Day. Well, he had been gone the whole week before, and got home on Valentine's Day. I had been stuck in the house all week, and wanted to get out, and I told him that. So I got up super early--like 8 a.m., which is super early for me--and took a shower, so OBVIOUSLY I was planning on getting out of the house. I finish getting ready and the chode is asleep in the recliner!!! I was already hormonal, and missing my family--so pretty much an emotional wreck. I locked myself in the spare bedroom for the rest of the day and cried. I was so mad at him for going to sleep because I had been stuck in the house all week and needed to get out.

Well I was already in a bad mood, and then he comes in and after pretty much BEGGING, convinces me to go to the movies and dinner with him. Turns out, we are going to the movies to meet up with a guy that he works with and his wife, and I don't find out about this until we get out of the truck and see them walking towards us!!!!  I was so mad, because he KNEW I was in a horrible mood, and I just couldn't get rid of it like that. So I had to be around this couple that I barely knew, and put on a pretty face and pretend to be happy when I was the farthest thing from happy. Anyways, I put on my happy face towards them, but continued to let Jason know with glares behind their backs that I was PISSED. I got over it, and knew that we would get some alone time after the movie.

NOT! We are walking out of the movie and Jason's friend is like "so where do ya'll want to eat??" I'm thinking "SERIOUSLY??????" So needless to say, we spent another hour with them, another hour that I had to put on a happy face when I was FUMING inside.

Jason now knows that 1. When I'm in a bad mood--do not put me in a situation like that and 2. IF you are going to take me out on Valentine's Day, do NOT take me on a double date. Poor thing--that was the first time I think I really blew up on him, and he didn't know WHAT to do :o)

So that was our worst date...not terrible, but I was not a happy camper!



  1. LOL, hormones, what are you going to do?? Guys can be so senseless sometimes. I got pissy with Drew one valentine's day and ended up irritating him so much that he slept on the couch, not before screaming HAPPY F"ING VALENTINE"S DAY as he slammed the bedroom door. LOL. That is the maddest he has ever gotten and the one and only time he's ever been mad enough to sleep on the couch. I still make fun of him for screaming that though...

  2. Oh and link this up on my page. No one has yet, it's sad :(