Sunday, March 21, 2010

Date Day

Thursday night Jason and I had planned to do a date night, since it will probably be a while before we get a chance to have another one. With all of our hospital/high blood pressure drama--date night got cancelled :o(

Friday, we had plans to go to a guy's house that Jason works with for dinner, but we ended up having to cancel because I felt HORRIBLE all day, and was in tears for most of it.

Finally, I woke up yesterday morning feeling fabulous (as fabulous as I can feel at this point) and had TONS of energy (again, as much energy as I can have at this point). So I told Jason that we needed to get OUT of the house and do something. Around noon we got out, went to the post office and to our favorite restaurant in Valdez, The Harbor Cafe, and had lunch. We decided to come BACK to The Harbor Cafe that night for dinner. We have never been for dinner, but had heard that it is a MUST and the best meal you will have in Valdez. So after lunch we wasted time and went walking down on the docks at the harbor, and then we went and watched 'Valentine's Day' at the civic center, and then went back to The Harbor Cafe for dinner. I had the Filet Mignon, which was covered in a creamy mushroom sauce--and it was HEAVENLY. Jason had the crab stuffed halibut--I didn't try it because I don't like seafood, but it looked good!

After our 'romantic dinner' we came home, miserable, and sat around for the rest of the night. I was convinced that we were going to get some action--for sure. But nothing. And today--nothing. I'm starting to wonder if she will ever come out on her own, or if Dr. Todd will have to evict her. Either way, I'm ready and so is Jason. We had our last date night, now it's time for baby to come. COME ON PAISLEE!!!!!!!!

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  1. hahaha- I love how you just said "have to evict her" hahaha, you are too funny!