Sunday, March 14, 2010

Don't be alarmed....

If you see a crazy lady on the side of the road in Valdez, Alaska doing something that looks similar to this...

....It's just me trying to get Paislee to come out! Ha! Unfortunately, there is too much snow for this--but you better believe if the ground wasn't covered, and I could wear something besides flip flops--everyone in town would be in for a real treat!

It's the 14th! That means today and tomorrow we are on 'labor watch' because these are my arrival day guesses!
If she isn't here after Monday is over, Jodi will be waiting up to see if her guess is right for Wednesday, although I'm
convinced that there is a reason why Grey's Anatomy is a re-run this week--so I won't miss it since I'll be in the hospital!
Am I pathetic or WHAT?


Do you think if I quit feeding her, she would come out looking for food? ha! See the mind set that I am in now? Like I said,
Prayers appreciated! :o)

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend--since Jason was at work all weekend, I spent 98% of mine in the bed :o)


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  1. haha-i would love to see you do this! hehe! hoping she comes soon!! =)