Wednesday, March 24, 2010

No News..

Well, we have been at the hospital almost all day, and I still don't have much news.

We got there at 8 this morning, and she checked my cervix--no change. She gave me another Cytotec, made us sit for 2 hours, and then let us go home until 2. We came home and took a short nap and went back to the hospital so she could check me again. This time we had a little progress, and my cervix is now ALMOST completely thinned out. She gave me another one, hoping for the same progress, but none this time. So she sent us home, told me to walk around, relax, eat and come back at 10. She will check when we go back and decide from there whether or not she wants to try one more, and let us spend the night so we can actually get some rest tonight, or if she wants to go ahead and start pitocin!

So that's all I really have for now--hopefully some exciting news to report in the morning :o) My mama will be here tomorrow afternoon, I can't wait to see her!!!!!



  1. Aww, hang in there sweetie! I know this process is tough. I hope you have better news this morning and Miss Paislee will be on her way! Just remember, she has to come out at some point :)

  2. Looks like I might have guessed right....