Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday Fives: Thing's You Will Never Catch Me Doing..

I found another blog to stalk! This blog does something called 'Friday Fives' every week, and this week it is: 5 things you will never catch me doing. So here are my Friday Fives!

1. You will never, ever in a million years catch me scuba diving.

Yes, I love the beach, Yes, I loooove a nice cruise vacation--but I am TERRIFIED of what lies beneath the surface. Marine life and just the unknown scares the crap out of me and I do not care to see what lives beneath the ocean's surface. Pictures and videos are fine for me, thanks.

2. You will never catch me eating oysters.

Nope, not even try them. I've never tried them, and have no desire to. They stink like crap, they look like crap--God knows they have to taste like crap. All of you that like them--power to you, that's more oysters for you because I will never eat one.

3. You will never catch me in another wedding dress.

One time was enough for me, thanks. If Jason decides to leave me or if the un-thinkable were to happen and I ended up getting re-married I would NOT go through the stress of finding and fitting into another wedding dress. Nooo Thank YOU.

4. You will never catch me dying my hair red.
It just isn't my thing. End of story.

5. You will never catch me driving a Minivan.

SUV's will work for me. I'll be a soccer mom, a ballet mom--an anything you want mom--but I will NOT be a mom that drives around pimpin' a Minivan--I'll leave the Minivan driving for you Jodi :o)



  1. AHAHAHAHAH! I love it!
    1. You will never catch me scuba diving either, unless at some point in the future they can 100% guarantee me that all dangerous and poisonous fish are dead and will not harm me. I don't go pass my knees in the ocean. The pool is hunky dorey for me.
    2. Oysters by themselves, TERRIBLE. On a cracker with cocktail sauce, no taste, just slimy. Either way you aren't missing anything and I would never order it just to eat it.
    3. You looked stunning in your wedding dress.
    4. I have had red hair and it was by accident and wasn't really for me either.
    5. I too, will NEVER, drive a minivan. I would walk my kids to school on a leash before that would happen!

  2. haha-love # 5 especially. omg you are finding all of these cute things to blog about-pretty soon, i'm not going to have time to keep up! haha!