Monday, February 14, 2011

Paislee's 1st Valentine's Day

I know, I haven't done this for any other holiday and I pick the most important (not) to post a blog like this. Oh well, this is the first V-day I have spent with Jason since....oh I dunno....ever? So I'm feeling a little mushy even though I normally hate this holiday. Plus, he got me an edible arrangement--something I have wanted for oh....forever!!

Happy Valentine's / Single's Awareness Day!

Absolutely LOVE this face. Isn't it the cutest?

Really getting into photo editing....kinda want to start my own photography business....I know, big dreams :)

XOXO--especially today!


  1. Love the first picture and that scrunched up little face!!! she's so beautiful....wish i could see her in person!!! until then...there's FB and blogs. :)

  2. Ashley, I love all of her pictures! :) You're getting good a editing! Are you using Picasa, or another editing program? I've been playing around with Picasa, but in one of my most recent pictures in my blog, I made a strip of my hair look crayola red! ha! :) Oh well! I hope your Valentine's day was wonderful! I miss you!!