Tuesday, January 25, 2011

10 Months

I can't believe you are already 10 months old! You weigh ~21 pounds and are 29 inches long. You are wearing size 12 month clothes and size 3 diapers. Can we stop time for a while? I'm not ready for my baby girl to be 1!!!

You are into EVERYTHING! Everything you are not supposed to be into at least. You go into any cabinet that you see and pull everything out of it. We have baby proofed most of the cabinets in the house but sometimes I will open them and let you play with pots and pans. I can't resist that perfect face :) You also love to play in the blinds at the sliding glass door, and will sit there for a good 10-20 minutes just playing. Your favorite place of all though, is the baby gate at the bottom of the stairs. You want me to leave it open for you and you swing on it! Little monkey!

You are just the smartest thing, I can't believe you are MINE! I am wondering if it is a normal thing for you to be talking so much at your age. You say: ma ma, da da, kitty, bye bye, heyyyyyyy, baby, ball, duck, dog, more and meow (MOW!!!!). And you know what they all mean, if I ask you to get your duck or baby or ball--you will find it and get it! And anytime you see a baby, whether its a cartoon, a real baby, a picture or a doll you say "Baby!!!!". I love it and I just can't get enough!!!  

You are THIS close to taking your first step. You have started standing up with no help, and are really thinking about taking a step. Your Grandma Jan (Me Me) is coming up this week for your Dedication at church, and she swears she will have you walking before you leave....yeah yeah Me Me, we'll see!

Your sleeping is pretty regular and dependable now. You go to bed between 9:30-11:00 and wake up around 9:00 am either way. You take 1-2 naps a day, usually an hour or so a piece. 

You are getting a little better at eating solid foods. We pretty much just give you some of what we are having every night unless it's something you can't have or I can't adapt to fit your needs--then I boil some potatoes and you eat them pretty well. :) You love cheerios too! 

You have the brightest personality! Also the strongest, most stubborn. You are my little 'mini me' that's for sure! You are so happy as long as you are getting your way, and you squeal a LOT! I was talking to your Aunt Heather earlier and she said you sounded like one of those tropical birds squawking! haha :) 

Well, we are down to the last couple of months of your first year. It has flown by and it can slow down, anytime! I am still preparing for your royal birthday party, it's going to be extra extravagant ;)

I love you little Princess! 


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  1. Paislee is so smart! And, it sounds like she has quite the personality :o) I'm really hoping I get to meet her next month. I think that she and Grace would have fun playing together!