Tuesday, May 25, 2010

2 Months

Paislee Marie, you are 2 months old today! Time is flying by so fast I can't believe it! You weigh 12 lbs. even, and are 23 inches long. You are already wearing size 2 diapers! They are a little big on you, but we like em that way! You are still wearing mostly size 0-3 months clothes, 3-6 months are a little big on you!

You are still eating every 2 hours, but sometimes you will go 3 hours during the day when you have a long nap. You usually wake up around 3 a.m. for a feeding, and then again between 6 and 7. They say that breast feeding babies usually don't sleep through the night until they are sometimes 6 months old!

You still sleep a lot during the day. Most days you nap, wake up to eat and go right back to sleep. You usually come around between 4 and 6, and are awake for most of the night until 10 or 11. I know, I'm bad for letting you stay up so late.

You get a bath every night, usually no later than 7. You LOVE bath time! You're my little water baby! You just sit and relax while I wash you, and we always listen to music, which you love. You prefer the music on my iPod over nursery rhymes and lullabies :o) I downloaded some kids music for you, but you seem to like my country and pop MUCH better!

You will sit in your swing sometimes so I can get things done around the house,  but you like to keep me in your sight! You also like to listen to my music while you sit in your swing! Loud noises don't bother you, in fact, I think you prefer them! You sleep right through the vacuum!

You are getting used to your car seat, so trips to town are getting less painful (for mommy!). We always make sure you are fast asleep before we go to the grocery store though! We keep you in your car seat, and completely covered while we are in the grocery store (trying to keep people germs away from you), but that doesn't stop people from hovering and wanting to see you! The other day a woman came over and said "She is SO FREAKING CUTE!!!!" Daddy and I said "We know" thank you :o)

You are starting to coo a lot and talk to me. I love it! I try to catch you on video, but you seem to be camera shy you little turd! I did catch you last night on camera, with your new found love--your hand in your mouth! You are finally figuring out how to suck on them fingers, you've been trying since the day you were born!

We are having one problem--you sleep with us, and there is no end in sight. I know, I should have never let you in the bed with us, but that's what happens when Mommy is desperate for sleep! Now, you have to be RIGHT on me, probably smelling my morning breath! If I get up, you open your eyes to see what's going on...what am I going to do with you???? I'm afraid Daddy is going to get rid of us if something doesn't change SOON!

You are growing too fast little girl, I wish you would slow down! I don't care what people say, I'm going to hold you all I want, because now I'm realizing that you really won't be like this much longer and I'm going to miss it! We can't wait to get home so we can show you off to your family and our friends!

**I am going to wait on your 2 month pictures since your perfectionist daddy is gone this week and he won't be satisfied with anything short of perfect ;o) We love you very much, more and more every day! I can't wait to see how much (not too much!) you grow this next month, and all of the new things you will learn!



  1. Stephanie LarsonMay 25, 2010 at 7:17 PM

    Your blogs are so cute Ashley! I'm glad Miss Paislee is doing well and I love reading your updates!! :)

  2. great post! Paislee is beautiful, and she has such a great momma! :)