Friday, May 7, 2010

Cruisin' with Daddy

Today Paislee and I got to go to work with Jason and see what he does everyday! The Captain of his boat invited all of the families onboard to go on a family cruise. We left at 3 p.m. and cruised until 8 p.m., and even had a cookout onboard for supper--hot dogs, hamburgers, sides and desserts--YUM! It was a little hectic with a 6 week old, and I realized even more today (as if I haven't realized it every single day since the day she was born) that my life will never be the same. It will always revolve around her and her needs, and I will have to make lots and lots of sacrifices for the next 18+ years! I'm going to need back (and knee, and hip, and butt, and leg and arm) surgery before too long! Little Miss is still in her 'wanting to be held all the time' phase, and couldn't be put down the whole time. She started out a perfect little angel, and slept for the first hour. She woke up around 4 to be fed, and since dinner was supposed to be at 5:30, I decided to go ahead and feed her again at 5 so maybe, just MAYBE I could eat in peace for a change. NOT. My mama warned me after Paislee was born that she would want to eat anytime I got ready to eat--and that has proven to be true so far. I have NEVER given up food for anyone, until now. I don't know how Mama's gain weight, I barely have time to eat! Anyways, the whole feeding her at 5 didn't work out the way I had planned, she still fussed the whole time we ate, so Jason and I both ended up shoveling our food down our throats as fast as we could so we could get her somewhere and feed her and get her quiet. I spent the rest of the cruise in Jason's boss's stateroom feeding her since it was fussy time from there on out. We did manage to get a few pictures though! Enjoy! 



  1. looks like fun :) and so pretty!!!

  2. love that last picture of ya'll! So precious!! alaska looks SOOO beautiful...I wish I could have made it to look great too!!!! =)

  3. i agree...the last picture is great! and i'm so happy you are using that little blanket i got her! :) Haley loves hers too!! yay for family cruises, we had one here and it was fun! Wish we had done it in AK too. :(