Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Long time, no blog.

Yes, I'm a horrible blogger, I know! I will get better, I promise :o)

I just wanted to let everyone know that I am a brand spanking new SCENTSY consultant! If you've never heard of the stuff, check it out! It's good stuff :o) If you would like to check out my page, here it is. I am still waiting on my starter kit so I can start selling stuff, but if you are interested or have any questions about the stuff please let me know! Just a little thing I am doing on the side to keep me busy (as if I'm not busy enough as it is), and also to bring in a little extra spending money since we will be moving soon, to a place with a MALL and a TARGET! :o) I know money is tight everywhere right now so I understand if no one wants to buy anything, but could you at least visit my website and click 'get my newsletter' so I can keep you informed on the monthly specials? Thanks :o) 

**Monica--still no package :o( I'm starting to wonder if it's lost in the mail? My mom sent a package Monday and we got it today, usually those flat rate boxes come SUPER fast!

**Jodi--time for a chit chat! Let me know when you have time to talk!!!

Still counting down the days till we leave this place and head back to the EAST COAST-woo hooooo! We have been studying the map of the U.S lately and figuring out which route we will be taking back, so far its looking like we will go down through Canada, end up in Montana, and visit Yellowstone, go down through Colorado, Texas, and over through Arkansas, Oklahoma, Tennessee and finally through the fabulous state of NORTH CAROLINA! We are looking to be home around August 4th or 5th and plan on staying until around August 21st, and then heading up to Maine. We obviously won't have MUCH time to spend with our families and friends, so if you would like to see us while we are home let us know so we can figure things out! We want to see as many people as possible, but also don't want to be running around everywhere the whole time we are home, aka--we will probably stay in one or two places for the most part and will let people visit US :o) And hopefully we will find time for a beach trip as well, so be on the lookout for a beached whale on the NC beaches around mid-august ;o) 

I am hoping time will FLY by the next 2 months. Jason leaves for a week on Friday, then we are making a trip up to Anchorage at the beginning of June for a Dr.'s appointment for Jason's back, and to pick up nursery furniture. By then it will be mid-June and we have to start packing this tiny apartment up, and before we know it, it will be July and Jason will be leaving for a week to go to a school in Seattle, and THEN we will be leaving a week after he graduates from that school---WOOOOOO HOOOOO!! I cannot type enough 'O's' to express how EXCITED I am :o) 

Sorry for the boring post, I will try to get better :o) Hope all of you blog folks are doing great, and all of you Nashville gals are recovering from the flooding--I hope everything is on its way back to normal by the time we make our way through your beautiful city in July--can't wait to see NASHVILLE :o)  



  1. YAY please tell me when you get to nc because i want to come hold that precious baby!!!
    oh and i love love love scentsy and brandon loves it more than i do! we just bought 6 new bars and i cant wait to get them in!! but now i can buy them from you! :) yay!
    <3 you!

  2. #1: we do need to chat! what about friday night? there is an encac cookout and maybe I can call you on the way home friday night from wilson? let me know if this will work!
    #2: pencil me when you are home in august! i would love to see you more than once. I will so come to you!!! maybe we could do a cookout at someone's house and all sigmas could come and you could see everyone at the same time? but that may mean i don't get as much paislee time, so i will have to arrange a visit just for me! haha!
    #3: never heard of scentsy...i will check it out!