Wednesday, October 14, 2009


We wanted to wait until our first appointment to announce, just to make sure we WERE in fact pregnant, and I wasn't being a hypochondriac-since I've been known to be one in the past :o)

I have now been to TWO appointments, and after about 8 pregnancy tests, hearing the heartbeat, and FINALLY seeing the little thing, I can safely say that I am pregnant :o) The due date is March 22, 2010--I am 17 weeks and 3 days pregnant today!

When we got the ultrasound, the Dr. also gave us a prediction of the sex of the baby, but that is all that it is. She was very hesitant to tell me, but I begged and she finally gave in ONLY after saying that it was a 51%/49% guess--but I think she just said that because she wasn't 100% POSITIVE. To be sure, after doing this for as long as she has been doing it, she can tell the sex of a baby better than that at 16.5 weeks..anyways, her prediction is fine with me, and all I need for the moment! So for now, instead of calling it a "it", it is now a "he"! Hey, I started out as a "he", and in fact I stayed that way until I graced the world with my presence, and I turned out just fine :o)

XOXO from sunny (and from what I hear warmer than NC) Valdez,

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