Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Two weeks?!

So, my doctor called yesterday with my lab results and told me that I have something called Grave's Disease. There are 3 treatment options, ALL of which require immediate weaning. I thought I had some time to wean, because from what I read I could take one of the medications while breastfeeding, but my doctor said I should only be nursing once a day if that, and if I was still nursing, Paislee would have to have routine blood tests because there are chances of liver failure for her (and I) if I am nursing while taking this medication. I just can't take that chance so my only other option is to wean her. That would be okay, if I could take it slowly for her and I and give her time to adjust, but my doctor wants her weaned in TWO WEEKS so I can get started with treatment ASAP. Does she know how hard that is? I don't even know where to start. Prayers appreciated :)


  1. oh no! good luck buddy! you can do it!!

  2. Mom was diagnosed with Graves at least 15 years ago. You may want to talk to her about it if you have questions.

  3. sorry to hear Ashley. good luck, i'll be thinking of you and miss Paislee and praying for smooth transitions!