Sunday, July 3, 2011

Can I vent?

I know, to have not blogged for a while and then come on here to vent is kinda annoying but I gotta vent to someone :)

So as most of you know, I post about my couponing on facebook. Sometimes I post pictures, sometimes I just post a status update. Numerous times I have had someone post a negative comment about couponing. Can I ask, WHY?? I don't think any of my followers have ever posted anything negative (although you may be thinking it :)), but let me just clarify on here.

First of all, sure, I may be a loser for cutting coupons every week, and saving tons every week--I get it. I know most people have jobs and can't "sit around couponing all day long". I can't either. I don't go to work every day but trust me, my job is very tiring and I never get off work. When I do get a break it's right now (naptime) or around 11 p.m.--after Paislee is in bed and everything is picked up and I am ready for bed. THAT is when I cut my coupons and plan my trips. I got in bed at 11 p.m. last night and sat up until 12:30 planning today's shopping trip. And, I take Paislee with me, so coupon shopping isn't an easy or very pleasant experience ever, but it's worth it :) So no, I don't have all day every day to sit around and coupon. Third, if ya haven't noticed, I'm buying NON FOOD ITEMS. Toothpaste, toothbrushes, laundry detergent, body wash, shampoo, razors, cleaning supplies, etc. These things DO NOT EXPIRE!  

People have made comments like: "Why do you need so much toothpaste or toothbrushes?" ---Because I will use them FOREVER--really? Can you ever have enough? Do you really need to ask me that stupid idiotic question??? Especially when I am getting these things for FREE? And no, I am not going in and buying 50 items at a time and clearing the shelves, ruining it for every one else.

So what is it with people? Why do they get SO pissed when you post something like this on Facebook? Can anyone tell me? Probably not, because none of you have been the ones asking this question and you are probably thinking--why is she ranting about this crap? I just don't understand why people are so mean and negative about every thing you do, especially if it's something you work hard at and get excited about? Again, none of you have done anything that I have talked about, I just wanted to vent about other 'stupid's' out there :)

Since I started couponing on June 6, I have spent $213.75 on $723.87 worth of products that we will absolutely always use, and will not go to waste. We are stocked up on almost all of our personal hygiene and cleaning products for 1 maybe even 2 years.

Have a happy 4th of July! My husband will be home in the morning and I am off to NC--see you soon!!


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  1. I get it. I work all day (but dont have a child) and I find time to coupon. It's fun. You get to shop and SAVE at the same time. No one criticizes the stupid crap they buy so WHO CARES if we have 500 toothbrushes and toothpastes, razors and deodorant?! We will have a clean mouth and shaved legs and non-sweaty pits that we got for little to nothing while they are rushing to the store, paying full price when they run out everytime. Psh, you go girl :)