Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hello Fall

I welcome you with open arms! I thought I would never want to see summer come to an end by the time I FINALLY got down to NC to real summer weather, but after 2 months of that--It's easy to say that I am happy to see fall coming :)

We are already enjoying perfect days here in the mid 70's and cool, crisp nights--the ones you want to leave your windows open on--when your husband is home and you're not too scared :)
I'm looking forward to my good bud Lindsay coming up in October! I'm going to show her as much of Maine as possible and she is coming during the perfect time! This is Acadia National Park--one of the places we plan to visit while she is here!
 This is the fall wreath I am working on :) This isn't 'mine' but one I am using as inspiration--isn't it cute? Minus the ugly owl ;)
 This is what comes up when you google "Fall in Maine". I wasn't here last October, when all of the leaves changed so I am super excited to see it this year--isn't it BEAUTIFUL??
 And this, my friends, is who my darling baby is dressing up as for Halloween. No, not Minnie the Witch, just Minnie Mouse :) Ordered part of her costume yesterday ;)
Is it too early to start putting up Fall decorations? Too bad, mine are half way up! You can do that when no one ever comes to your house :)
Fall also brings easy cooking. Jason is a huge fan of soups--Vegetable, 15 bean soup and chili are usually served weekly or every other week in our house through fall and winter!

We officially have less than a year left here in Maine, and I want to make the best of our time left here, and also the few months I have left as the mother of just one little angel :) So we have lots planned, to make the most and best of our time together as a family of three :) :)

What are your favorite fall traditions? Foods? Decorations? Happy Fall, Ya'll!


  1. yay! I can't wait for fall either!!! My favorite season :) I love the new blog design.

  2. ps Paislee will be so cute as minnie mouse ;)

  3. so happy lindsay is coming up!! so wish I could come. stupid house and stupid masters and stupid work...haha! j/k...but sad I can't come!