Saturday, May 16, 2009

Wedding Planning....

Our wedding location

So sorry for slacking on posting! As of right now, I don't think we have anyone who looks at our blog on a regular basis, besides my few followers who get a notice when I post something new :) I am back in good ol' N.C. for the summer, and although it is very true that there is "no place like home" I sure am missing the spectacular views that I was able to enjoy everyday in Valdez, and I am also missing seeing my sweet soon-to-be husband's face ALMOST everyday!

I have been super busy since I got home. I started working the week that I got home--first job in a year, so I must say that it has taken some time to adjust to--getting up early and having to work my schedule around more important things than sleeping late, laying out and being lazy when I want to be! Earlier this week I was finally able to go to Myrtle Beach, where we will be getting married in August! We are planning our wedding through a cute little wedding chapel in North Myrtle Beach called 'Together Forever Wedding Chapel'. I was starting to freak out a little since I hadn't even seen the place, or talked to the people who are helping me plan our wedding. Now that all of that is taken care of I feel much better!

I went wedding dress shopping at the end of April, and found THE PERFECT dress for our special day :) It was the 3rd one that I tried on, but everyone insisted that I try on at least 10 dresses before making my decision. In the end, I still ended up with the dress that I picked in the beginning, and can not WAIT for it to come in. We put in a rush order for it, but it still will not be in until mid-July :( I am hoping to be 20 pounds smaller by then :) Wish I could post it up here, and I probably could since Jason doesn't ever check our blog, but I would rather be safe than sorry! I will just say that it is beautiful, I am completely happy with it and I know that he will LOVE it!

We are having our wedding on the beach, early morning, mid-August. I would rather have it the night before, but it is a week night and I am worried that our guests will not be able to get off work if we change the date. I am still looking into it, but as of right now it will be in the heat of the day on a crowded beach. Yay for a sweaty bride! It will be a small ceremony, with only close friends and family, and we will have a small reception afterwards with a light lunch and cake of course! Afterwards, we will be heading to Port Canaveral, Florida, to leave for a 7 day cruise to the Western Caribbean! I am a cruise fanatic, but Jason has never been on one, so I am more excited for him to see everything, and understand why this is the absolute BEST vacation in the world....maybe he will insist on going at least once a year after this :)

Just wanted to update anyone who reads our blog on how our wedding plans are progressing! I feel much better after talking to our wedding planners, and expect our day to be perfect :) Jason will be visiting at the end of June, and we will be getting our engagement pictures taken, and will also be having a shower and an engagement party! Less than a month until I see my Honeybun!!

Missing Valdez, and can't wait to return!--except for the cold weather and the snow!
XOXO--from sunny (most of the time) N.C

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