Sunday, July 5, 2009

Jason's Trip Home

Jason finally came home on June 27th, and we had a busy busy week! I picked him up from the airport Saturday morning and we spent the day with his family. Sunday we got up bright and early and headed to Goldsboro. On the way, we picked up my wedding band,
which I LOVE by the way, and had some pictures made in a studio--my aunt bought us a package from a fundraiser that my cousin was doing and we get a FREE 11x14 picture. After that we had our shower, which was a big success--we got lots and lots of stuff! We finally headed down to Myrtle Beach Sunday night and stayed until Tuesday night. We applied for our marriage license and picked it up, and just shopped and layed out on the beach so Jason could work on his tan--Alaska makes you PALE!! :)

We left Myrtle Beach Tuesday evening and headed to my family's beach house in Swansboro, where we stayed until Friday. We spent the day on the beach and at the pool with his family and my sister and the kiddos :) And Jason got fried, AGAIN. Needless to say, I couldn't touch him all week without him complaining :o(

Friday morning we headed to Goldsboro because we were getting our engagement pictures taken that afternoon. We met our photographer downtown at 5:30 and shot until 8! We had lots of fun taking the pictures, and LOVE LOVE LOVE how good they turned out! Could not have asked for better pictures, or for a better photographer, who is also doing my bridal portraits and our wedding :) Definitely recommend him to anyone. His website is: He is very affordable, fun to work with and is willing to do anything to get you the shots that you want :)

Saturday, we went to New Bern for the day to cook out with his family. We had yummy pig and southern cooking--which Jason couldn't get enough of while he was home! We spent the day by the pool and just relaxed which was a nice change from the rest of the week!! We headed back to Goldsboro that night and spent our last few hours together, and got up early this morning to head to the airport :o( Although it's never easy when he leaves me, it was much better this time because we knew that he will be back in a little over a month and this is the last time we will be doing this long distance crap (hopefully!!!). He is officially back in Ketchikan as of about an hour ago--safe, sound and exhausted :o)

Okay, enough blabbing. Why do I always talk so much on this thing?!?! Wedding planning is going good, everything is pretty much finished except for small details--whew! My dress should be in this week sometime, so YAY for that--Bridal portraits on the 18th is what it's looking like--I'll keep updating, and may have to cut Jason off from the blog until after the wedding so I can give a sneak peak of my portraits. We will see!

XOXO from hot and once again lonely N.C.--

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