Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's A....


Jason and I went for our 20 week check-up last Friday. Everything looked good with both me and baby-my uterus was measuring at 28 weeks though, which is a good indicator of TWINS--which we know there aren't BUT we let the Dr. assume what she wanted since it meant another ultrasound for us :o) She also tried to hear the heartbeat at that appointment, but no luck! I had drank a Dr. Pepper before our appointment just in case we got an ultrasound, so it would be EXTRA active! She was able to hear LOTS of kicking and moving around, so she wasn't worried about the babies health--so we scheduled our ultrasound for today, Tuesday.

So today, we go in ready to find out if we are going to have a boy or girl--but SURPRISE! Baby Mozingo didn't want to cooperate! "It" moved all around, kicked the whole time, but would NOT open them legs! Also, the umbilical cord was between it's legs so its boy or girl parts were hidden the entire time :o( The Dr. DID say that since she couldn't see any boy parts that she would guess that it was a girl--but last time she guessed a boy--so needless to say, Mommy & Daddy are FRUSTRATED!

After we got home and sulked for a while, I found out that there is a place back home that specializes in ultrasounds--2D, 3D and 4D, and you just pay out of pocket for whichever package you want. SO, we are calling tomorrow and are hoping to set up an appointment with them for when I come home in 2 weeks--lets pray for a little wee wee or yes ma'am sighting!!! This place seems really neat--they give you like 20 pictures, a DVD of your ultrasound, let you invite up to 6 guests, and ALSO since Jason won't be able to be there, he can view it live with us through the computer--how cool is that?? So lets hope and pray for some progress or even an appointment with this short of a notice!

Other than baby news, everything else is going good this way. We are taking a trip up to Fairbanks next week for the week, and are really excited about that! We plan to do LOTS while we are there including: seeing Mt. McKinley, the Northern Lights, the North Pole and the Arctic Circle--so we will be doing LOTS of driving, but figured its a once in a lifetime opportunity! I will post pictures from our adventure when we get home! Until then, here are a few of me and the growing stinker inside of me!

This is all that "it" wanted to show us today..
can you say-stubborn like his/her mama??
This is my 19/20 week bump
pardon the bulge in my sweatpants
please-they're Jason's and a little
big I guess---ha! Is it just me, or am
I bigger in my 18 week picture??

XOXO--from finally snowy Valdez--


  1. omg i can't believe he/she didn't cooperate! that is so crazy!!!!

  2. that's too funny - glad you got it worked out to have an appt. at the other place. It is nice to "know" and be able to plan ahead! good luck! And...enjoy your adventures to Fairbanks and north pole - so jealous - that's what we had planned to do twice but never made it. :0(

    and....i may agree that you do look bigger at 18 weeks, than this last photo - eat girl eat! ha. miss ya! take care!