Monday, November 23, 2009


Last week Jason and I ventured up to Fairbanks, a 6-7 hour drive from Valdez, with plans to visit the Arctic Circle, the North Pole, and to see Mt. McKinley. Sadly, we only saw the North Pole-we were advised against driving up to the Arctic Circle during this time of year because it is SO cold, and the roads are pretty much deserted, so we decided to skip out on that trip and save it for the Spring. We were also talked out of making the drive to see Mt. McKinley, because of the weather conditions and were told it was very unlikely that we would get to see it. Anyways, we were still able to see things we haven't been able to see yet--like tons of Caribou and Moose, AND we went to see NEW MOON :o) Which was great by the way. Needless to say, Fairbanks is WAY too cold for me, and makes me thankful for the "warm" weather we have here in Valdez!

One of the many Caribou we ran into....

We ate here for lunch one day, sorry--nothing
compares to southern BBQ!
We stole Santa's chair!

Me and baby are doing well--this time next week we will be ready to head to Cary to try and force the little booger to show us the goods! I'm ready to start shopping, and want to buy something besides yellow and green!! We hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families and friends--we will be getting together with some of the other families from Jason's boat! It will be fun to see the other traditions from families from all over the country--although we all know you can't beat that good ol' Southern cooking ;o)

XOXO from cold (but not as cold as Fairbanks!) and snowy Valdez,

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