Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It's about time!

I know, I know. It's been a while. I have to admit, I have been putting this off for quite a while now because I know that I have SO MUCH to update on and really don't know where to start--most people that read this know everything that I'm going to say anyways! Since it IS a new year, I would like to get better at this "blogging" thing, and post more often since we do have a little GIRL on the way :o)

I know last time I posted we still didn't know what we were having. I went home for 2 weeks in December, which by the way I hope to never have to fly again while pregnant, especially across the country--my ankles were HUGE! It was a GREAT two weeks, I got to spend LOTS of time with my mama, which is great when you are about to become a mama yourself :o) We also got to have another ultrasound, and this time we actually got somewhere! As soon as the technician put the thing on my stomach we saw that SHE was BOTTOMS UP! I was even able to distinguish what her parts were--and she is 100% a GIRL. She is precious and beautiful and I could watch her all day long. She is a big fan of her umbilical cord, it seems like it was her security blanket because she chased it the whole time and even had it draped over her arm at one point like a pocketbook--"you go girl!" haha! The technician said that her developmental skills also looked really good because she was trying to get the cord and her thumb in her mouth a lot and suck! Looks like she might be a thumb sucker like her daddy ;o) She was looking right on track with her size, and she looked healthy and is very active--hyper like her mama, LORD HELP US!

Isn't she pretty?? :o)

We spent the rest of my trip shopping, shopping, shopping! And I'll admit, we probably got WAY TOO MUCH--but it was fun and I got to make up for not being able to shop for baby stuff for the first six months :o) I also got to get together with Jodi, Lindsay and Alex and had a 'mini' baby shower--I got these sweet little socks with big purple flowers on them-which happened to match an outfit I had already bought PERFECTLY, a little onesie that says "This is my little black dress" and a princess hooded towel for when we give our princess a bath--THANK YOU JODI!!! We ALSO got some Dr. Browns bottles, a diaper/bath caddy and diaper rash cream from nurse Lindsay, the more practical one that remembers things that slip our minds--THANK YOU LJ!!!! I love ya'll both and can't wait to see you in June, and for ya'll to come see us in MAINE!!

Now I am back in good ol' Valdez, I got back about a week before Christmas so I could spend it with my husband :o) His boat will be leaving soon and he will be gone for about a month, but we are HOPING he will be able to come back around the time I hit full term--which is right around the corner!! I am getting so excited to meet our sweet girl, but so anxious about giving birth! I'm scared to death but I know it will all be worth it when I see that sweet little face :o)

By the way, Miss PAISLEE MARIE is now the size of a squash, at 29 weeks and 2 days old, she is 15-17 inches long, and weighs between 2.5-3.8 pounds--she is getting BIG and so is MAMA! We had already decided on Paislee, but were going to spell it Paisley, and we were back and forth between Marie and Reese for her middle name. We decided on Paislee Marie because "Lee" is after Jason's grandpa, dad and Jason, and Marie is after my mama and me--so she is named after her great grandpa, her grandpa, her daddy, her grandma AND her mama--what a lucky girl :o)

Here is a 'lovely' picture of my huge belly--thanks to Monica, who requests pictures weekly, sometimes BI-WEEKLY, I have a recent picture, taken yesterday, to put up--thanks Monica for keeping me up-to-date with my belly pictures, I will be glad you did ten years from now--even if I don't enjoy seeing my fat butt on a regular basis now :o)

Until next time, which is hopefully sooner than later... :o)

XOXO from Cold (but apparently not as cold as N.C) Alaska,


  1. love it!! love how you are spelling paislee that way after jason and his dad. love that you chose marie too-you know i'm a big family name girl!!! yay!!

  2. Hey glad to have an update - just got around to updating mine too! :) You look great and I'm so happy to hear you are going to have a beautiful baby girl! She does look perfect in your ultrasound pic! Take care... soon, soon - it'll be here before you know it!