Wednesday, January 13, 2010

We're READY for you, Paislee!!

We finally got to Anchorage this past weekend to get baby stuff, and I feel so much better and READY for Paislee now that we are STOCKED UP! Jason will be leaving for about a month here in a couple of weeks, and since the doctor will be cutting my traveling OFF, we had to make the trip to Anchorage so we would have everything we needed when we bring baby girl home--car seat, stroller, pack-n-play, diaper bag, diapers, wipes, baby bathtub, etc.--some of these things we could have gotten here, some we could not, but Anchorage is SO much cheaper AND we needed a fast food fix :o) We left Saturday morning and got back Monday night, and immediately put everything together, now we just need SPACE for it all! I will work on getting the baby her own little spot while Jason is gone. I also got lots and lots of craft stuff so I can make cute little bows, tutus, and stuff for her nursery. Hopefully she will like it all!

As the days go by, Paislee is getting bigger and stronger, which means I am getting a little more uncomfortable! I can honestly say though, I think I will miss all of these kicks and nudges when she is out :o) It is also already pretty obvious that she will be a daddy's girl-he talks to my belly at night and she just kicks and kicks every time, I love it!

Here I am, 30 weeks and 1 day pregnant. Is it just me, or have I gotten MUCH bigger since last week?
If you've noticed I don't like showing my face in my pictures because A. 98% of the time I haven't gotten
ready for the day and B. I HATE taking pictures, especially when they are 'posed' and by myself-so this is what you get :o)

Paislee should be about 18 inches long, and should weigh about 3.5 pounds.

Here is a sneak peek of Paislee's nursery bedding--the pattern is "Green Paisley Splash" and I LOVE it! The blanket above her nursery bedding was made by my mom to match her nursery and we just got it in the mail yesterday--I LOVE IT too!! Way to go Mama! I have been working on a blanket myself, needless to say--mine doesn't look that good :o)

Here is a tutu I am working on, with a matching NC State bow--which further proves that I love Jason very much because I am not an NC State fan, I'm more of a Carolina girl, but since Jason is more into sports than I am, we will deck her out in NC State stuff....for now :o)
Having a little girl is going to be so much fun, I can already tell!

XOXO from cold & windy Alaska,


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE THE STUFF!!!!!!!! omg it is getting so close! if I have a girl when I have kids a very long time from now (haha) you can make her lots of bows and'll be a pro by the time i have one!! =) love the bedding!!! =)

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE the tutus, bows, and bedding!!!! =)