Saturday, January 30, 2010

A lot of time on my hands....

When Jason and I went to Anchorage, I stocked up on craft supplies since I knew I would be bored out of my mind while Jason is in Seattle/Vancouver. I have now branched out from the bows and tutu's and have started working on little things to hang in Paislee's nursery. After we bought her nursery bedding set, I was looking around on the internet for things that would match. The colors aren't your 'normal' baby girl nursery colors--I'm not a huge pink fan, and didn't really care for a nursery with butterflies and flowers, etc. Instead, I wanted a Paisley pattern-what a coincidence :o)
Anyways, I figured it would be hard to find things in this color for a nursery since they aren't colors you usually find in a baby's room. I just googled the name of the bedding set-"Green Paisley Splash" and couldn't believe it when I found a website that hand-paints wooden letters especially for nurserys. To make it better, they had a pattern called "Green Paisley Splash" that was painted especially for this set! Unfortunately, the letters were EIGHT dollars a piece--which would have been $56 just for her name.
I decided that there are so many other things I could spend $56 on, and although I'm not artistic at all, decided I could buy the letters for a dollar a piece and at least TRY to paint them myself. So that has been my project for the last 2 nights...
Not perfect, but much better than spending $56! After I finished them I was still itching to paint so last night I started another--it's still a work in progress and I am running out of ideas so it's just sitting here in front of me waiting for an idea to hit me!Ideas anyone??

Jason arrived in Seattle today and will be there for a while before they start patrolling for the Olympics! Only 2 more weeks until he is back home with us and I can't wait!

XOXO from bored and lonely Alaska,

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  1. very cute! I think they look great....and it was way better than spending all of that money on them!