Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Before Jason left, we did a little 'spring cleaning' to make some room for a BABY in this cramped apartment. Before I moved up here, Jason already had the place packed full since he owns almost everything you can think of, but now that I am here we are offically crammed into this place. We moved some stuff out of here last weekend--furniture, clothes, boxes, etc. and brought in lots and lots of baby stuff to take its place :o) Since we were supposed to be leaving here around mid-May or June, we hadn't planned on buying her nursery furniture until we get to Maine, we figured it would be pointless to set it up just to take it down in 2 or 3 months. NOW, plans have changed and we may not be getting out of here until late July or early August. I personally do not think it will be good for her to sleep in a pack-n-play for that long--it just doesn't provide much support and I think it should just be used for naps or traveling. A friend is letting us use her bassinet for the first few months, but Paislee will grow out of that before too long. What do ya'll think?? Is a pack-n-play good enough for daily use, or will she need a crib before she is 4-5 months old? We had already bought a pack-n-play with an infant sleeper and changing table in it that you can take off when she gets bigger, and still plan on using that for the first few months since it has the infant sleeper in it. We will also be using that for our trip across the country, since it's easy to load and unload and setup, and Paislee will have to have somewhere to sleep!

So anyways, we set up a little "nursery" in a corner (it's actually our dining room)and it's starting to look like a baby lives here! How exciting!!! :o) You can see we have her pack-n-play set up, and you can see hanging over the side is the blanket my mom made for her to match her nursery bedding, and also her first monogrammed blanket with her initials on it from her Aunt Jodi :o)

On the floor in front of the pack-n-play is a sweet little 'tummy time' mat that my friend Lauralee gave us--she just had a little girl in August and she has outgrown it, so Paislee gets to use it now! Thanks Lauralee!!To the left of her pack-n-play is a little table set up with her monitor on it, a nightlight, a lamp, and her first photo in a sweet little picture frame. Then we have a little cart with burp cloths, bath stuff, towels, washcloths, blankets and bibs.

Beside that we hung her bow holders :o) Can't forget those! I bought the one on the left when I was back at home because I thought it was SO cute. When Jason and I were in Anchorage I found the same round wooden piece at Michaels, so I bought 2 more and painted them aqua and brown--her nursery colors. I still have to cover the tops of them with fabric and have them monogrammed,and I plan on getting one more and painting it lime so we will have all of her nursery colors--the pink and green one will have to go in the closet ;o)

I've been trying to be a little creative since we have found that little girls can be pretty expensive! I've been making her bows instead of buying them for $5-8 a piece, making little tutus to take her pictures in, making bow holders, and painting stuff to hang in her nursery. We also bought a bulletin board and covered it in fabric that had her nursery colors in it, and we can hang random pictures and other knick knacks on it. Here is a little canvas that I painted--maybe we can put it on her bedroom door when she gets a real bedroom :o)

So there is a peek at Miss Paislee's temporary "Nursery"---I think it looks good for what we have to work with! Now all we need is HER!



  1. you're welcome! beautiful nursery; we can't wait to meet Paislee!

  2. look cute- it is coming along well. I like all the stuff that you have made for her- better than buying everything! Comes from the heart!!!

  3. love the nursery! looks like ya'll are all ready for Miss Paislee!! I love that you are being crafty and making things yourself...I guess you have to do something to keep yourself busy in alaska! =)