Friday, January 29, 2010

Paislee's Closet

Paislee's Aunt Sigma's are already spoiling her rotten!

Just last week we got a surprise in the mail from Aunt Jodi--Paislee's very first monogrammed blanket with her initials on it! We love it-a little girl can never have too many monogrammed items :o)If only I had a machine and could do it myself...

Then YESTERDAY, we received a package from Aunt Kati who lives in Korea with her husband Billy, who is in the Army. Who knew you could find such CUTE clothes in Korea! Paislee got 3 really cute outfits in her package--a Christmas outfit for next Christmas, a fall dress, and the best one--an OWL outfit. The funny thing about this is that owl's are the 'in thing' right now because I have seen them EVERYWHERE, but I have a secret fear of owls that not many people know about--guess I will be getting over my fear because this outfit is TOO cute!Above is the owl outfit and the Christmas outfit--the owl came with a onesie, a bib,a coat and some pants--and we know, the Christmas outfit is SCREAMING pink and green, but isn't it PRECIOUS?? I can't wait to get her all dolled up for her first Christmas! And surprise, surprise--she even has bows to match-see them? And here is her fall dress--or it may be a spring dress, depending on what season it is when Paislee can wear it! Thank you Aunt Kati--we love them!!!

Speaking of Christmas outfits,here is an outfit that is very similar to one that her Aunt Heather got for her--same colors and designs but the top is green and the bottom is red I think--we don't have it yet, but have seen it on the webcam and it is SUPER cute!
And just a few more of my favorites...some are just simple little sleepers or onesies but I just LOVE them! The navy & white dress is one her daddy picked out for her, he wanted her to be all decked out when she meets most of her family this summer! The outfit on the right is one of the million her Grandma Jan bought her while I was home in December and I think the top is too cute :o)
Aunt Valerie bought her the moose outfit-PERFECT for Alaska! It may look like something a little boy would wear, but it's nothing a bow can't fix! The one in the middle is one of my favorites, sadly you can't really see it in this picture,we will have to wait for her to get here and model it herself! Aunt Phyllis bought the sailboat outfit and she will rock it even though it's supposed to be for a boy--again, nothing a bow can't fix and it's too cute to wait for a boy!
These are some of the outfits my mama bought while I was home-the one on the left says "I'm a little Princess", and I LOVE the little "shoes" on it! The middle outfit is the very first outfit I bought her after I found out she was a 'she'. I had seen it while Jason & I were in Fairbanks, and as soon as we left the ultrasound place we went to Old Navy and got it for her.
My absolute FAVORITE outfit so far, and socks that match almost perfectly. The funny thing is, I bought this outfit while I was home and a few days later met Jodi & Lindsay for dinner. They had both brought gifts for Paislee, and Jodi had bought these socks that have the same exact flower on them! Makes me feel good because Jodi is a fashion queen, so now I know I have good taste ;o) I'm not sure if they match because they have black on them but I can always put a pair of black pants with it and VOILA--perfect! And last are these 2 sweet onesies--the purple one says "I'm Queen (when mom's not around)" and the black one is another gift from Jodi and says "This is my little black dress"--she's going to be a little diva! When I saw the "Queen" onesie, I had to buy it because right after we found out it was a girl I was still getting used to the fact that Jason was going to have another girl in his life, when my mom points out this frame that said "Daddy's Princess"--I refused to buy it claiming that she would NOT be daddy's princess, that's ME! Hmph! :o)

As most people already know, I really really really wanted a boy and was convinced that we were having one! But there is no way little boys could ever be this much fun! Jason and I were sitting here the other day and I said "What would we have done with a BOY?? Little girls are SO much more fun!"....he just gave me 'the look'....He has already promised me that she WOULD know how to throw a ball and shoot a gun....all while wearing wearing her hairbows and tutu's ;o)

**If ya'll have noticed, my blogs have been *extra* long this week--can you tell I don't talk to many people throughout the day now that Jason is gone? You will all need reading glasses by the time he gets back, ha!

XOXO from an excited mommy to be!

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  1. She is going to be styling! The socks w/ the flower will match your outfit's ok that it has black on it...I promise!! Since Paislee sounds like she may be a big baby...she may not get to wear the little black dress onsie long...sad day! Oh and you may have to add to this post--that's all I'm'll just have to wait and see!