Friday, June 25, 2010

Poopsie Daisy!

The day before yesterday I was working on your 'Birthday Blog' and you were sitting in your bouncy seat watching me. I noticed you were really gassy and thought to myself that you must be working on a poop, but you NEVER poop before bath time so I didn't really pay it too much attention. Eventually, you started fussing so I went to get you out of your bouncy seat and surprise! You had pooped ALL OVER YOURSELF! Poopsie Daisy! I have heard of poop running out of the back of your diaper, but not the front! There was poop up to your belly button and all over your cute little outfit! You should have seen me trying to change you--I was having a really hard time because you were sticking your hands and feet all in the poop--it was a big mess! Finally I just buckled you onto your changing table so you couldn't roll off and cleaned things up. I had to snap a few pictures because you looked so darn cute and funny laying there wondering what was going on! Ha!


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