Friday, March 25, 2011

1 Year

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Dear Paislee,

I can't believe you are one whole year old today! It seems like just yesterday I was scribbling down baby names, wondering if I would ever be a mom. Then, sooner than later, I found out that I would be a mom, and to a precious little girl! I can't imagine life without you, and I am so SO glad that you were a girl, because you are MY little girl, and what a sweet and smart and beautiful little girl you are! You bring so much light and happiness to my world. You make me laugh every day, and some days you make me want to cry! You are a handful, and you have been since the day you were born. You are strong willed and stubborn, like me! I love that you are strong willed and stubborn though, because I don't ever want anyone to take advantage of you and I want you to go after anything that you want!

You weigh ~22 lbs and are around 30 inches tall. We will find out definite weight and measurements April 4th at your 1 year appointment! You are wearing mostly 18m clothes, and size 4 diapers. Your shoe size is a size 4.

Your sleep schedule is still pretty dependable--you go to sleep between 8-10 p.m., and are usually up by 7:30, but sometimes sleep until 8:30 or 9. Those are my favorite mornings ;). Lately when you wake up, I turn the t.v to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and throw a few toys your way and you lay in the bed and watch t.v and play, and I snooze a little longer watch you :) Lately you have been waking up crying in the middle of the night some nights, I am wondering if you are having nightmares? Nothing will calm you down, and eventually you just go back to sleep.

You still aren't eating worth a crap and it drives me crazy! I think you know it too! I have tried EVERYTHING. You nibble on some things, some things you won't even touch. I have worried myself so much over it, but am starting to realize that you are fine, you are growing and you will eat when you are ready! Until then...I will buy and cook food for you to waste!

You are ALL over the place. Your crawling days are gone, in fact, I haven't seen you crawl any lately and it makes me sad :( You aren't really running much yet, I would say it's more speed walking :) You climb on EVERYTHING and it drives me crazy! If you see something you want and it is out of your reach, you will pull anything you can find to stand on so you can get it.

You are still talking up a storm. I can't even remember all of the words you are saying now, you pretty much repeat anything I say more than once to you. You point to things you know you aren't supposed to be in and say "No no". If I tell you to go get me something you do it, as long as you know what it is I am asking for. You like to go outside to check the mail, and when I say "Let's go check the mail" you go stand at the door and wait for me. The best thing I have heard you do lately is say "Oh toodles!" You watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse a lot, and now when they are about to say "Oh Toodles!" you know it and you say it before they do on the show. HOW you know they are about to say it, I have no clue? But it is so funny, I LOVE it. You also ask to watch Mickey by saying "Toodles!".

We are home in NC right now for your Birthday party which is tomorrow. I can't WAIT to see you dig into your cake. You have a major sweet tooth (from your daddy's side of the family ;) ), and you are going to go CRAZY over that cake!

I love you little girl, SO much! You have made my life complete and I couldn't have asked for a better child and BFF (besides your daddy) :). I hope we have made you as happy this year as you have made us. We love love love you Princess Paislee!


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