Thursday, April 9, 2009


Friday, April 2, 2009 Jason and I decided to go out to the Valdez glacier for the afternoon.  It was a beautiful day out, and we had been talking about going for about a month so I suggested we go, and he agreed.  So after taking about an hour or so to get everything ready we finally headed out there.  We drove out as far as we could and then parked the truck and rode the 4-wheeler out to the lake.  We were a little worried about taking the 4-wheeler out on the frozen lake to get to the glacier, because its starting to warm up and we didn't want the ice to break on us, so we decided to walk instead...boy was that an experience!! It was a LONG walk!  We finally came up to different parts of the glacier, and it was AMAZING! There were big blocks of ice everywhere, ice caves and tunnels.  We finally came up to this hill where you could see a big hole at the top that goes completely through to the other side.  We decided to climb it and when we finally got to the top it was so beautiful I couldn't believe it.  So we hung out for a while, froze a little bit, I complained a lot :) and then we started to head back.  Before we left the 'hole' Jason bent down to get some things out of his book bag. He handed me my hat and I started bundling back up before our big hike.  I was in the process of putting on my gloves when I looked down at him and he has this huge grin on his face and is holding a box. I immediately realized what was happening and ripped my gloves off! It was the most amazing proposal I could have ever asked for, and definitely something that I will never forget! Needless to say, the hike back was not half as painful as the one there for neither me or him.  I grinned from ear to ear the whole time, and he didn't have to hear me complain as much! I'll post a few pictures of this beautiful place for everyone to see, definitely worth a trip to Valdez!

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