Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A day I never thought would come

Paislee has now been sleeping in her crib for over a week and is fully weaned. She had her very last feeding last Monday night, and went in her crib last Sunday night. The first night in the crib was rough--she cried for 45 minutes, then finally gave up and went to sleep. We sat in front of her crib the whole time. She woke up twice that night, and pretty much every night the first week. Saturday night she slept the whole night without waking up, and has ever since. She has not asked to nurse, I think she thinks about it every so often and gets a little antsy, but other than that she acts like she doesn't even know what a boobie is! Well I won't go that far, we don't say the 'B' word in this house anymore, ha! And she definitely isn't allowed to see them!

I never thought this day would come! I am SO proud of her, and how easy she handled this big transition! Easier than me! I still am up most of the night going in and checking on her, but we have ordered a security system with TWO cameras so soon I will be able to lay in bed and watch her every move :)

Just a little motivational post on how me, Jason and everyone else NEVER thought this day would come, especially without blood, sweat and tears, but we did it and with no blood, no sweat, and very few tears--just how I wanted to do it!

It seems like everything with motherhood has been this way so far. There have been things big and small that have came along that I thought "how will we ever get through this?" or "I will be stuck living like this for the rest of my life!"...ya'll know, you have been reading and encouraging me through it all! It's a hard job, the hardest one I've ever had (I know, I haven't had many!) but it is SO worth it at the end of the day and all throughout :) I never thought of the little things that make a Mama SO happy and proud. Here are a few we have been experiencing lately:
--When Paislee wants something she says "Peeeeeaaaasssee!!!"
--When you give it to her she says "Dank dew" (Thank you)
--She welcomes medicine with open arms!
--She eats RAISINS--and enjoys them! YUCK!
--She is a bedtime hoarder. Seriously. She grabs anything she can fit in her arms and wants to take them ALL up to her crib. She wants milk AND water. She wants 3 baby dolls, a kitten, and Minnie Mouse, a regular sized pillow (mine) and one of those pillow pals. Her crib is stuffed and it is hilarious. But it makes her happy so I am all for it :)

*Thanks Ann, for talking me out of my hiatus. I do want to document all of this stuff that goes on, I just don't get to do it as often as I would like. This post took 3 days to write ;) So I will write when I can :)*



  1. awww...yay! glad you she is sleeping on her own now!!!

  2. yay Paislee & CONGRATS MOM on a job well done =) i'm sure it was heart wrenching in way to do all that weaning at once! persistence pays off ;) can't wait to see you soon!