Thursday, June 2, 2011

Leaving on a Jet Plane

I know, I know. What an original title.

Mama is leaving us today to go back to North Carolina. She has been here since the Saturday before my surgery and I may have cooked 3 meals since she's been here. I usually cook every night. I have folded ZERO loads of laundry, changed MAYBE 5 diapers. Let's just say that the woman will be missed and things will go back to normal around here :( Unless of course I can milk Jason for a couple more days :) It hasn't been 2 weeks since my surgery yet, therefore I am still not allowed to pick Paislee up. Doctor's orders! I know, that sounds terrible coming from a mom. I should enjoy bath time, and putting her in her car seat...and I do! But I also do it ALL the time, and am enjoying this nice little semi-vacation :) I will be glad when I can pick her up and carry her around and rock her when she's tired...I do miss that :)

Just blogging since Paislee is asleep on the floor and not in my arms, trying to pick up good habits even if what I blog about is boring!

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! Jason and I are thinking about driving about 3 hours north to a town called Bar Harbor, and visiting Acadia National Park for the weekend. We will see if that or lounging around the house taking turns napping wins!


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