Thursday, April 8, 2010

0 Months

I know probably everyone that follows my blog also follows Kelly's Korner, and has seen how she does a post every month for Harper's 'Birthday'. I really like that idea and think it's a great way to keep up with how she is growing from month to month. So I decided to copy Kelly and do a monthly 'Birthday' post for my sweet girl :o) 

Jodi sent me an e-mail one day showing me these SUPER cute monthly stickers that you can stick onto a onesie and take pictures for every month, so I decided to order them for my Birthday posts--hey, might as well go all out, right? Just look at them, could you resist or is it that little girl modeling them that makes them so irresistible? 
So here goes nothing.

Paislee Marie: You are 0 months old. Ha! Really, you are 2 weeks old today, but they didn't have a sticker that says '2 weeks' so we will stick with 0 months :o)

On the day you were born you weighed 8 lbs. 15.1 oz. and were 21.5 inches long. 
Yesterday at your 2 week checkup you weighed 9 lbs. 6 oz. and were still 21.5 inches long.
You are the most perfect little thing that me and your Daddy have ever laid our eyes on. 
You have a beautiful complexion, definitely not the complexion of a newborn.
Your eyes are a dark color that I'm going to call blue for now, but we all know that they won't be that way for long :o) 
You were born 'tongue tied' and weren't able to stick your tongue out or eat very well. We had that fixed when you were 2 days old, and you have been happy as can be ever since! 
Your feeding schedule varies, sometimes you are hungry an hour after your last feeding, sometimes its 5 hours or more before you will eat again--and trust me, I try to force you--but you are stubborn like your Mama! Either way, you end up feeding about 10-12 times per day. 
You only eat for about 5-10 minutes per feeding. I worried that you weren't getting enough at first, but after you gained more than a pound in less than a week, my worries disappeared :o) You're my little piggy!
You are still sleeping a lot during the day, but you have become more alert and are staying awake more and more every day. We give you a bath almost every night, and feed you right afterwards so you will know that it's time for bed! You are usually ready for a feeding around midnight, and after that you usually sleep until 4 a.m. or so! After that feeding I usually stay up with you until 6 or 7, and then let your Grandma take a shift so I can sneak in a couple more hours of sleep with Daddy--who has been sleeping through everything! Sometimes when I am up feeding you at 4 in the morning I look over at him snoring and want to strangle him :o) 
We have a rule around the house that whoever is holding you when you drop a bomb has to change you.  Good rule, huh? Most of the time you get your Grandma pretty good :o) You fart like a little man, I wonder who you get that from? ;o) We will blame it on Daddy! 
I have been having a hard time getting you to burp after you eat, and lately you have been throwing up after feedings, like BIG TIME throwup--every time it's on Daddy. I don't know if you are eating more than your little tummy can hold, or if he is squeezing you too tight, but I wish you would stop and I'm sure he does too! 
Speaking of, I think the nurses at the hospital probably think we are crazy. We call them all the time, over every little thing. Your umbilical cord stump fell off early and bled a little bit and I was so worried about it. I made Daddy call over that, and over a rash that you had, and I almost made him call over the throwing up but I changed my mind. It is SO hard having to worry about keeping you safe! I worry myself sick over the smallest thing, and even though I know it will drive a person to insanity, I google everything too! I just want the best for you :o) I'm not crazy, really. 
You are a lot of work! You are a GREAT baby, the best I could have ever asked for, but being a parent is tough. Everyone warned me that it was hard, and I knew it would be, but it's hard to imagine exactly how hard it is until you are holding that sweet little baby in your arms and feeling a love like you have never felt before. You will understand one day! (A long, LONG time from now!)

I was on my friend Lauralee's facebook page the other day and saw this quote: 

Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body. - Elizabeth Stone

I love it, so true! 
That is all for now. I could write for days and days, but you might get tired of reading this one day :o) I love you little girl! 



  1. isn't that a great quote? ... just so you know Grace had all the troubles you listed, except her umbilicord didn't fall off, for almost 2 months - I think it was starting to smell :) next time call me and I might be able to reassure you! did you know that we had the same nurses for delivery? aren't they great!? ps. you look great in the photo below!

  2. awww, I loved hearing about her. I can not believe how much she has changed you, it hard to believe that this is still the same ol' Ashley from Barton :) But its not a bad thing..... not at all! I love all the pictures and the stories! I promise I will get her gifts in the mail one day- things have been a bit crazy around here! Miss you

  3. so glad you got the stickers-it was a good idea if i do so say myself. gosh-i can't wait to meet her!!