Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Too Cute Tuesday

We did a photo shoot for Paislee's birth announcements and here is one of the ones we didn't use. I LOVE this one, I think it's the most precious thing ever. Mama and Jason said she looks like a little monkey though, so it was voted out. I think she is the cutest little Monkey I have ever seen :o)


  1. oh my gosh- she is so darn cute, I don't think she looks like a monkey at all! Where did you have the pictures done at?

  2. We did them ourself! Newborns are pretty easy to photograph, especially when your husband is an aspiring photographer/perfectionist, ha!

  3. if these are the ones you didn't use I can't wait to see the one you did use... these are soo beautiful! hope you'll post the finished announcement so I can see :)