Saturday, April 3, 2010

Never any time..

I really miss blogging :0( it is so hard to find the time right now! My days go by so fast- it seems like they wouldn't seeing I am up so early but they fly by. I'll try to manage my time better and find time to blog more often :0)

Look at the sweet outfit that Aunt Valerie sent Paislee :0) Cant wait for this summer so she can wear it!

My sweet girl had a rough day yesterday..look at that hair! Ha! She wants to be held all the time. Jason thinks I'm spoiling her but I can't stand to hear her cry! I think she just likes to have someone to snuggle with- all the time... I don't mind though :0)

Happy Easter everyone!

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1 comment:

  1. love the dress/diaper cover that Valerie sent! so cute!

    i understand that you have no time....little miss paislee is more important than blogging/facebook, but I miss you in the technology world!!! =)

    hope paislee has a great 1st easter! i expect pics!